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Kashmir struggle for independence and the final solution

Narendra Modi, supported by his rogue army and RSS thugs, is desperately trying hard to create an environment of ´peace´ to convince the international community that people of Kashmir have accepted the new reality of union territory status. Modi´s problems are multiple as the Muslim majority holds the sway on the ground and most importantly China and Pakistan are the huge stumbling blocks to thwart any Indian nefarious design and mischief. Modi has a sharp bone stuck in his throat.

Afghanistan returning to peace now is rather bad news for India. Billions of dollars invested mainly to contain Pakistan to keep it on the tenter hooks and control on economic and political handshakes are coming to a zilch. Under the circumstances the only option left for India is to create an atmosphere so that India and Pakistan genuinely befriend each other. Kashmir needs to be resolved as per the wish of Kashmiri people. This will lead to cordial relationship between the sworn enemies and will also rope in China to live amicably in the region. India must shun Ostrich in the desert attitude and leave Kashmir alone peacefully. The report of the recent visit to Kashmir by the Concerned Citizen´s Group led by Yashwant Sinha should be an eye opener.

For years Indian and Pakistani public have been charged up emotionally and used as the vote-bank to stay in power by different political parties. The two nuclear armed powers have come to a head on collision course that could result in total annihilation and all in the end will be the losers. The most powerful political party in either country cannot take the risk of offering Kashmir in their control on a platter to the other. But both realise that Kashmir needs a solution and a quick one. So the best option available is to allow Kashmir a referendum under the auspices of United Nations Organisation. This will be a face-saving and an ingenious solution where there will be no room for defeatism.

China now claims whole of Kashmir because it says China has more military power than India. After August 05, 2019 Indian unilateral action in Kashmir, India removed the only link article 370 of Indian constitution that allowed it to hoodwink the international community saying Kashmir had acceded to India. The link removed makes India an occupier holding Kashmir on the basis of military strength. Now if China or Pakistan can prove to the world that they are more powerful than India; that military power India can't match, gives them right to forcibly throw India out and occupy Kashmir. As they say "might is right" the principle adopted in various regions of the world.

Nothing changed for Kashmir on August 5, 2019 except a piece of paper written by India´s Amit Shah and signed by the rubber stamp President of India. Occupation was in place like for the last 73 years with a damage done by Indian terrorists in uniform killing over 150,000 young and old in cold blood; hundreds of women raped, many hundreds disappeared in Indian torture chambers and properties worth billions razed to the ground.

Article 370 or 35A a property of Indian constitution was extended to Kashmir State unilaterally after August 9,1953 when trump cards Sheikh Abdullah and Maharaja Hari Singh were taken for a ride and dumped soon after military occupation was complete. Sheikh Abdullah was put behind bars on trumped up charges for eleven years and Maharaja Hari Singh exiled to Bombay to die in oblivion. In a nutshell, India is now in direct military occupation and has no option but to quit peacefully and leave Kashmir alone.

India needs to remember that Her Majesty´s Government of British-India left peacefully offering India an infrastructure unmatched on a platter. India has nothing to show except an individual action of General Reginald Dyer in Jallianwala Bagh compared to genocides commited by Indian army in Kashmir and elsewhere.



Indian prime minister Modi's direct intervention in American politics could have turned disasterous for Joe Biden's Democratic Party. Over 4 million Indian American votes could have turned the tables over and snatched the opportunity for Biden-Harris to rule the country for next four years.

To keep up with the Democratic Party's tradition, President Biden has been engaged with Pakistan related issues for many years. In 2008, Pakistan honoured Joe Biden with the highest civilian honour Hilal-e-Pakistan. Biden-Harris team firmly in office instilled a hope of a bright future in Indian occupied Kashmir. Restoration of their political rights as per the United Nations Resolutions and immediate stop to Indian human right violations and persecution are the immediate expectations. People in Kashmir believe that Joe Biden has gone through very difficult times in his personal life; so he undersands the pain and agony of an average Kashmiri faced on daily basis.


In October 2019, during an event in Texas, Harris said the U.S. would intervene in the Kashmir conflict "if the condition demands" and assured Kashmiris "that they are not alone." Vice-President Kamala Harris has been a sharp critic of India's Kashmir policy and a majority of Indians are not thrilled because of America's backing on the Kashmir issue.

Notably, last year, Senator Harris previousely on two occasions was asked about her stance on the Kashmir issue, and unsurprisingly she backed the demand for international intervention and stated 'we have to remind Kashmiris that they are not alone in the world'. We are keeping track of the situation and we feel there is a need to intervene if the situation demands.'

A senior White House official on July 01, 2017 said that US ties with India were not at the expense of its relations with Pakistan."I want to make a point here that US relationships with India and Pakistan really stand on their own merits and terms," the official said at a special briefing a day before Monday´s White House meeting between the Indian prime minister and the US president. "While we hope to deepen the relationship with India, we are also interested in continuing our cooperation with Pakistan".

Nehru Pandit on July 6, 1951 had this to say about Kashmir

"People seem to forget that Kashmir is not a commodity for sale or to be bartered. It has an individual existence and its people must be the final arbiters of their future" and further stated, "If we did anything of the kind our government would not last many days and there would be no peace....it would lead to war with Pakistan because of public opinion here and of war-like elements (refereing to RSS/BJP nexus) coming in control of our policy."

On June 16, 1946 Pandit Nehru was arrested by Maharaja Hari Singh's forces at Kohala, Kashmir now controlled by Pakistan. After an intervention by Her Majesty's government in Delhi, Nehru was released and pushed back to India leaving an indelible mark on Nehru's approach towards political handling of Kashmir. Nehru never expected a Hindu Maharaja to treat him like an enemy and entertaining a huge grudge, the incident forced the future prime minster of India to evolve a different strategy and marginalize the ruler of independent Kashmir.

The STATE OF KASHMIR on October 25, 1947 existed as an independent sovereign nation. India occupied it through intrigues involving Maharaja Patiala initially and then slowly roping in Maharaja Hari Singh and Sheikh Abdullah, a popular leader of Kashmir. Both were hoodwinked with false promises and dream of secular India that proved to be a mirage. Hari Singh wanted Kashmir to remain independent. It is noteworthy to mention that State of Kashmir had its own battalllions of properly equipped army. With the passage of time, these Kashmiri battallions after occupation were merged with Indian army. All these Kashmiri battallions, under a properly thought out plan, were allowed to be consumed on NEFA border fighting Chinese and not a word was mentioned anywhere.

Maharaja Hari Singh hated Nehru´s guts as he realised that Nehru was hatching a dangerous conspiracy to use Abdullah against his wish to maintain an independent status of his nation the State of Kashmir. Abdullah fell into Nehru´s trap to rise against Maharaja, a Hindu despot, and start an unnecessary QUIT KASHMIR movement which paved the way for Nehru to play a decisive role in Kashmir politics. Maharaja out of the way, it became easy for Nehru to get rid of Abdullah in little over five years.

An historical speech made by Pandit Nehru in Lal Chowk, an offer and a solemn pledge that India is coming in to help having no intention of staying back was a blatant lie accepted by Sheikh as the gospel truth. man tu shudam, tu man shudi did not seem to work for Sheikh as Nehru did not understand the language and chose to ignore it. Firmly in control after occupation, using Hari Singh to the hilt internationally, India terminated and dispensed with Hari Singh's rule in 1951, externed him to Bombay for rest of his life to die their on April 26, 1961 Thus India put all its eggs in one basket; exiled Maharaja to rot in Bombay and expended Abdullah in different jails of India to die later a political death.

Krishna Menon, a very shrewd and cunning politician played his devious role and like Vallabhai Patel, Nohru Pandit and Gandhi enticed Sheikh Abdullah making him believe in friendship enveloped in treachery and deceit. Over one million trigger happy armed men in uniform, who do not understand the language, culture, religion, ethos and behaviour pounce on local population with vengeance and a mindset to eliminate the populace to occupy this rich paradise belonging to the poor inhabitants. It is amazing to find the good people of the world turning a blind eye to these atrocities committed with impunity. UN can see what happens in Syria, Libya or Iran but when it comes to Kashmir they look the other way and one wonders why?


Indian Congress member of parliament P Chidambaram commenting on BJP government´s handling of Kashmir, in an interview on India TV stated "I think their (BJP) approach is wrong. We have ignored the grand bargain under which Kashmir ´acceeded to India´. I think we broke the faith, we broke promises and therefore we have paid a heavy price. We look at Kashmir as an issue of land, but it is a problem of people instead. Let the people of Kashmir frame their laws within the ambit of (their) constitution. We have to assure that we will respect identity, history, culture and religion."

If India is to make Jammu & Kashmir love India, referendum is the only way. The Congress failed in the 50 years after Independence to win over the minds and hearts of the people of the Valley. The reconciliation process began with Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Sheikh Abdullah was put under house arrest for 11 years without trial for arguing for plebiscite. Elections were then rigged and a pliable leadership found to do Delhi´s bidding. The entire issue of popular consultation was forgotten. Article 370 remained in the Constitution but the state lost its autonomy as defined therein. The mantra became Kashmir is an integral part of India. The issue involves three parties; India, Pakistan and J&K (plus PoK?). The solution has to be sought in a two-pronged fashion; India and Pakistan and India and J&K. Each time someone falls victim to police or Army bullet, there is a funeral procession where young people shout azadi, which leads to more deaths. Former home minister as well as a member of the Cabinet in several governments, he is well aware of all the issues.There is a bold way out. That is to conduct a referendum where all the citizens of J&K have a vote, as would have happened if the maharaja had acceded in good time before the invasion from Pakistan.

M L KOTRU, a well known Kashmiri Pandit, a journalist of repute in Kashmir´s leading daily wrote:

A Muslim Kashmir never fits nor has it ever into the Saffronite Grand Design of Akhand Bharat
The Bharatiya Janata Party´s (BJP) vice-like grip on the Kashmir valley and its majority Muslim population is tightening. Muslims, I mention the country´s largest minority of over 20 crores, in the Kashmir context with due deliberation; and Kashmir, the valley that is, is seen by the saffronites and their mentors in Delhi and Nagpur as the last bastion of Islamic influence in the country; they are the majority community in Jammu and Kashmir, anathema to forces who consider India a Hindu State wherein every Indian is a Hindu. A Muslim Kashmir never fits nor has it ever over the past few decades into the saffronite grand design of Akhand Bharat where anything that moves on two legs must adopt Hindu way of life, Hindutva, for short. Of their resolve to carry out the cleansing job they, there is evidence scattered all over the land.

The above article of Mr Kotru is removed by Indian army agencies who have taken over the control of electronic and print media houses of Kashmir. This all is done democratically.


Kashmir has been a flash point as three nuclear powers China, Pakistan and India fought four full scale wars. Another war, anybody can imagine, can be catastrophic. It is very unfortunate that more than one hundred fifty thousand people of all age-groups have been killed in the last twenty years and many more are killed in a routine manner on daily basis. The people unleashing terror are able to hoodwink the world community to make them believe that non-violence being the motto, everything is under control in Kashmir. This rich paradise belonging to the very poor people has been divided as if it were a piece of cake and all the three powers got whatever they could lay their hands on. Two generations have been completely wiped out and rest of these innocent people are not even in a position to ask a simple question:

What are we being punished for?


The simple and straight-forward issue is that Kashmir is occupied and converted into a concentration camp. Occupiers have to vacate along with their military machines lock, stock and barrel to allow Kashmir a peaceful living. A lot of blood has been spilled and the populace is busy filling graveyards with their near and dear ones. The majority of world community who cherish freedom and human rights must open their eyes to impress upon India particularly to heed the cries of innocent people of Kashmir faced with sophisticated military hardware to browbeat, harass, coerce and intimidate to subjugate them against their will. A just solution to the satisfaction of main stake holders, Kashmir, can bring peace to the sub-continent and will usher in a new era of much needed economic and political stability.


When, after the transfer of power, the Maharaja of Kashmir refrained from accession to either Dominion, his progress towards a viable independence was closely watched (and possibly encouraged) by these same Sikh rulers. When he began to experience increasing difficulty in resisting the Azad Kashmir movement among his subjects, the Maharaja of Patiala lent him units of his own State Army. The evidence is strong that these Patiala troops entered the State of Kashmir some days before the combined Azad Kashmiri-Pathan operation along the Jhelum Valley of 21-22 October 1947 which marks the formal beginning of the great Kashmir crises.
[Incomplete Partition p.91]

In the Vale of Kashmir the Indian Army reinforced the existing security police, notably the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), in imposing an increasingly severe regime of curfews and the usual measures of house searches, arbitrary arrests and retaliatory punishment of civil population, accompanied by rapes and looting common in such situations, as well as, the punitive destruction of houses, indeed of entire neighbourhoods.....an Indian military occupation of a conquered land.
(Kashmir, A Disputed Legacy, Page 338)


Five Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir ambush: BBC News


One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program Ramayana. The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir incredible India does such miracles on daily basis.

Kashmir  Occupied