Braid chopping phenomenon adds to Kashmir´s misery


By: Ameer Tarin       Dated:27-10-2017
In a spree of mysterious braid chopping incidents, a woman foiled such an attempt in Kashmir’s Budgam village this morning (October 22, 2017) reports the local Daily Newspaper, Greater Kashmir. Indian army, in a desperate bid, trying to pin the blame on militants, fighting Indian military occupation, is out rightly rejected by the militant outfits. Separatists accuse Indian army using braid chopping as a tool to vitiate peace in Kashmir and divert world attention from atrocities committed by its forces.



Unknown person(s) enters households during the night to target young women to cut their braids off. It is reported that somehow they manage to put the lady to deep sleep and then cut the hair leaving the cut hair by the side of the bed and then vanish. The morning becomes a nightmare when inmates of the house find out that their daughter/sister has been attacked.


Over one hundred young girls have been put in a traumatic situation like this so far. The alarm-bells made people form groups of vigilantes to keep vigil during the nights to nab these culprits. Till now no one has been caught as local police and intelligence agencies have totally failed to render help in solving the mystery.


People of Kashmir allege that Indian army men from the nearby military camp helped one of the attackers to escape from the village. When people gathered to lodge protest, the army in usual manner did not allow them to protest. In the recent past, Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval took stock of the situation in Kashmir where incidents of violence are on the rise. During a high-level meeting held at New Delhi, Doval stated “now the steps would be initiated to bring back normalcy in the state”. In the meeting, textual posts, images and fake videos posted on social media were thought to be responsible and the main cause for violence in Kashmir.


Doval hinted that a dialogue with separatists could be started but made it clear that talks would be held under the framework of constitution of India. “No demand for freedom of Kashmir would be entertained”. A strong vigil on the Line of Control to stop infiltration from Pakistan would be maintained. Though, in the recent past the feelers were sent out to Kashmir that Indian government is considering repealing Article370 that accords a special status to Kashmir so that Kashmir is fully integrated with Union of India. Kashmir believes that Article 370 an apparition is being used to create fear psychosis as factually Kashmir population does not even know what the article stands for and what it means.


Moreover, Article 35A of the Indian Constitution (1954) that empowers Kashmir State Legislature to define permanent residents of the State and provide special rights and privileges to those permanent residents, was also under attack to be axed. People of Kashmir took these sinister plans by Indian government as nothing but bullying tactics to intimidate and harass local population with the hope for Kashmir to accept a settlement on the terms offered by government of India. The attempt, a futile exercise, was rebuked by Kashmir as a figment of imagination and sheer waste of time; it was reaffirmed that Kashmir will not settle for anything less than independence from Indian occupation.


Meanwhile, Indian army mercilessly beat up dozens of civilians including one-year-old baby at Tral Township in Kashmir’s Pulwama district on Monday. The family members of the baby were beaten to the pulp and later were detained. Indian army leaves no stone unturned to crush anyone raising his or her head. The world community has lately taken a serious view of the role played by occupational forces and feels that it cannot continue forever.


In a surprise move government of India, for the fourth time, announced an appointment of former Intelligence Bureau director as an interlocutor (October 23, 2017) to start a dialogue process with all stake holders in Kashmir. The Indian Home Minister, addressing the media said that there was no time frame set for such a dialogue as the issue was sensitive.


What India wants to discuss is anybody’s guess. It is strongly believed in Kashmir that India expects visiting US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to ask few questions about the prevailing volatile situation in Kashmir. To ward off that pressure the ‘dialogue process’ becomes very handy.


The international community understands the implications of a political status-quo vis-a vis Kashmir issue and knows it cannot be deferred indefinitely. The current visit of US dignitary to India is vitally important and an opportune time to impress upon Prime Minister Modi’s government to take bold decision of solving Kashmir problem once and for all.


Fake encounters and unabated planned rapes used have not diminished the resolve of the population to fight for their rights and after suffering so much in men and material. It is very naïve on the part of India even to think of a political settlement on Indian terms. Indian current leadership must listen to the voices coming from within the country to find the solution as per the wish of people of Kashmir. India and Pakistan must engage in an honest dialogue with sincerity and goodwill for maintenance of peace and security in the region.
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One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program "Ramayana". The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir "incredible India" does such miracles on daily basis.


International Forum for Justice and Human Rights
The number of gun pellet injury victims, especially youth, mounts to 877. Men women and children invalid for life.
  • 308 hit in the face by pellets
  • 73 have lost eyesight
  • 174 men and children lost arms
  • 100 have legs amputated
  • 222 received body injuries
Special Director General of Police, Coordination, Law and Order S. P Vaid shares information on incidents with Rising Kashmir Reporter Mir Liyaqat Ali.(December 18, 2016)
  • 5084 people have been arrested
  • 500 have been detained under (Public Safety Act)
  • 30 schools have been set ablaze in last five months
  • 250 to 275 militants operating in the Valley
TIMES OF INDIA (May 21, 2016)
Around 1.8 million of Kashmir´s population show significant amount of mental distress.




Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru mesmerised Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah in heart to heart conversation to make him believe that he (Nehru) was in Kashmir to help him maintain the sovereign independent status of Kashmir. To convince him of his apparent intentions Pandit Nehru joined him in the fight against Maharaja Hari Singh’s despotic ruthless regime to hand over power to popular, secular and democratic Sheikh Abdullah. Sheikh overwhelmed put all his trust in Nehru and that is what Nehru exactly was striving for. Sheikh cried only because he did not expect Nehru to die in mysterious circumstances at that critical political juncture.


Nehru a seasoned politician and statesman had schooling from British-Indian political environment played his cards right as he knew that Maharaja Hari Singh´s days numbered would not deliver Kashmir to India. Nehru aware knew that Maharaja hated his guts and to rope him (Maharaja) in, the job was assigned to British trained bureaucrat V P Menon and loyally shrewd politician Mehr Chand Mahajan. Both of these truculent manipulators stage-managed the "purport accession document" at a time when Maharaja had fled Kashmir with all his possessions never to return. Very interestingly,´willing´ Maharaja exiled to Bombay died in oblivion and Sheikh Abdullah used in UN imprisoned for eleven years in Kud, Kodaikanal and at Kotla Lane of Delhi to die a political death later. And as a special favour, Sheikh´s grave is being protected by Indian troops from hostile population of Kashmir to save it from desecration.


Gandhi saw a ray coming from Kashmir
Gandhi through the prism of akhand Bharat saw a colorful ray coming out of Kashmir. In a job distribution principle the job tackling Sheikh Abdullah was given to Pandit Nehru and the caucus of elite bureacratic Pandits, Mountbatten looked after Maharaja Hari Singh and Gandhi took the responsibility of mesmerizing Sheikh Abdullah's better half Begum Jehanara Abdullah and the family. It was all done with plan and precision.