Serpentine River Jhelum flowing right through the heart of Kashmir capital Srinagar with its destination in Pakistan. In the cluster of households inhabited by Muslims, a Hindu temple is distinctly visible to prove Kashmir as a symbol of tolerance and communal harmony.


Kashmir is rightly said to be Natures grand finale of beauty and splendour

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 14:09
I have gone through almost most of the website and think that it provides a wealth of information about the history, politics and music of Kashmir, not only for Kashmiri's as their cultural heritage but also for the world at large. I am sure that with the passage of time, you will update and improve the website further. The site is a cultural resource in its own right.with best wishes.
Munir Ahmed
Monday, November 24th, 2008 11:55
I'd suggest sorting out your copyright statement (i.e. make it clearer so that the owners of the music and yourself are covered in terms of 'media piracy').Fascinating site - so much to learn about Kashmir.
Kevin Caley
Sunday, November 23rd, 2008 20:12
as politics interests me more than music - i was immediately arrested by the political section- went thru the chronology of the maharajas- a sad tale , it seems, all the way along for kashmiri muslims- arrived at sheri-kashmir and a mundane (but one that could not be avoided) chore interrupted me- nevertheless, what i read was very informative and a summarised, but important, overview of our history - looking forward to going thru the site whenever the mind and todays shackles permit.
Leeds, United Kingdom

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