Pakistan down the memory lane
By: Ameer Tarin       Dated:26-11-2017


Dr. Subramanian Swamy an academician, politician, and an economist, in a Pakistani TV program KALTAK, locked in tussle with retired Gen. Late Hamid Gul made very interesting historical revelations. Dr. Swamy vehemently and firmly defended his statement that he had all along warned the nation that Pandit Nehru´s unacceptable individual decisions meant ruination for the country. Pandit Nehru did not even pay heed to the advice of Sardar Patel and messed up Kashmir. His (Nehru´s) approach to United Nations Security Council or umpteen times commitment of a plebiscite to people of Kashmir and its leaders were Nehru´s individual decisions which we (BJP) reject outright and do not recognise. He also argued that Pandit Nehru should have produced the instrument of accession before UNSC which he did not and that complicated Kashmir problem to a large extent. Gen. Gul (R) quoted Alastair Lamb’s A disputed Legacy which he claimed was an historical research document and said that the instrument of accession did not exist.


Three times elected world renowned powerful Prime Minister of India for over sixteen years also known as Chacha Nehru approached UNSC to give Kashmir imbroglio international sanctity and credence, according to Dr Swamy, is something that India is not concerned with, and therefore exonerated of any commitment or responsibility. So as a matter of political convenience, based on religious beliefs and as it seems, perhaps the guilty party in the whole political mess-up people of Kashmir deserve punishment because Pandit Nehru committed blunder. It would also be interesting to know as to the political and military strategy that Dr. Swamy and his BJP if at the helm in 1947 would adopt vis a vis Kashmir.


When Dr. Swamy´s attention was drawn to ongoing uprising and its after-effects or fallout in Kashmir he pleaded ignorance and said, since he is not part of the government he is not aware what was happening in Kashmir. Dr. Swamy suggested that Katar-wadi (hardliners) on both sides (India and Pakistan) should talk and then only progress can be expected. But he added that Katar-Wadis of Pakistan were talking of Muslim rule in the whole of sub-continent. He was critical of then PPP and Congress governments in respective countries and considered them as double-tongued people who cannot be trusted and these people, the non-BJP parties referred to them as pillpila log (fickle minded people).


Taking a somersault, when asked about the political rights of Kashmiris guaranteed by leaders of India and United Nations, gross human right violations, disappearances, scores of unidentified graves of people perished in torture chambers; Dr. Swamy mentioned about Hindu temples being destroyed by Muslims of Kashmir on daily basis and half a million Kashmiri Pandits (Brahmans) driven out forcibly to live a life full of misery, distress, poverty and despondency. Dr. Swamy stressed the point that in India nothing untoward happens towards minorities and the utterances from certain quarters are a mere rhetoric, a hyperbole as we haven´t seen anything concrete happening to minorities so far.


To Gen. Gul´s reference to caste system and treatment meted out to minorities by the ruling class; Dr. Swamy gave example of then Muslim Vice-President of the country and said that the country was now ruled by scheduled castes, Yadavs, Modis and lamented with a sigh that Brahmans do not figure out anywhere. Ab Brahman kahan hein? (Where do you find Brahmans now?)


Dr. Swamy, an intellectual, a humanist and spiritually elated needs to keep himself abreast with information available at the press of a button like a report with Hindustan Times (September 19, 2012) which revealed that 40,127 people (militants, civilians and army) were killed in Kashmir, followed by 13, 853 civilian killings; deaths recorded daily from 1990 to July 31, 2012. Thereafter till date another 60,000 have been butchered systematically.


The mortality figures referred to above in thousands are either Kashmiri Muslims or Dalits given a job of providing security to 4% Brahmans who do not even live there anymore. The expendable Muslims and Dalits can easily be replaced and it can be a blessing in disguise to change the demographic character of Kashmir and at the same time rid the country of unwanted souls to keep soaring numbers under check. To freshen the memories; a few battalions of independent Kashmir´s militia were consumed by India on NEFA border fighting Chinese army (1962 War).


In a scathing attack on Dalits, Subramanium Swamy the fascist leader of fundamentalist BJP claims that Ravana (the evil king of Hindu mythology) and his wife Mandodari were Dalits from Uttar Pradesh. Swamy, a hardliner Hindu fundamentalist from South India minces no words when he asks Kashmiris who own the land to cross over to Pakistan. The fascism preached by Swamy was accorded measure by measure treatment by late ISI chief of Pakistan General Hamid Gul.


Swamy believes the history taught in schools was written during British rule when Indian society was divided and history of invaders like Babar and Sher Shah Suri taught to children. Swamy vows to promote indigenous and value based educational system. Swamy was reminded that present India was a conglomeration of Mogul architecture, British-Indian infrastructure and independent Indian borrowed nuclear arsenal. In a renewed onslaught TajMahal, a Mogul new seventh wonder breath taking architecture is claimed by BJP stalwart as a construction built of some unknown Hindu temple.


Surprisingly, Swamy maintains silence over Indian attempt to buy more time by sending another ´interlocutor´ Dinesh Sharma to Kashmir which the observers term as nothing like but old wine, new bottle.

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One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program "Ramayana". The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir "incredible India" does such miracles on daily basis.


International Forum for Justice and Human Rights
The number of gun pellet injury victims, especially youth, mounts to 877. Men women and children invalid for life.
  • 308 hit in the face by pellets
  • 73 have lost eyesight
  • 174 men and children lost arms
  • 100 have legs amputated
  • 222 received body injuries
Special Director General of Police, Coordination, Law and Order S. P Vaid shares information on incidents with Rising Kashmir Reporter Mir Liyaqat Ali.(December 18, 2016)
  • 5084 people have been arrested
  • 500 have been detained under (Public Safety Act)
  • 30 schools have been set ablaze in last five months
  • 250 to 275 militants operating in the Valley
TIMES OF INDIA (May 21, 2016)
Around 1.8 million of Kashmir´s population show significant amount of mental distress.




Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru mesmerised Kashmiri leader Sheikh Abdullah in heart to heart conversation to make him believe that he (Nehru) was in Kashmir to help him maintain the sovereign independent status of Kashmir. To convince him of his apparent intentions Pandit Nehru joined him in the fight against Maharaja Hari Singh’s despotic ruthless regime to hand over power to popular, secular and democratic Sheikh Abdullah. Sheikh overwhelmed put all his trust in Nehru and that is what Nehru exactly was striving for. Sheikh cried only because he did not expect Nehru to die in mysterious circumstances at that critical political juncture.


Nehru a seasoned politician and statesman had schooling from British-Indian political environment played his cards right as he knew that Maharaja Hari Singh´s days numbered would not deliver Kashmir to India. Nehru aware knew that Maharaja hated his guts and to rope him (Maharaja) in, the job was assigned to British trained bureaucrat V P Menon and loyally shrewd politician Mehr Chand Mahajan. Both of these truculent manipulators stage-managed the "purport accession document" at a time when Maharaja had fled Kashmir with all his possessions never to return. Very interestingly,´willing´ Maharaja exiled to Bombay died in oblivion and Sheikh Abdullah used in UN imprisoned for eleven years in Kud, Kodaikanal and at Kotla Lane of Delhi to die a political death later. And as a special favour, Sheikh´s grave is being protected by Indian troops from hostile population of Kashmir to save it from desecration.


Gandhi saw a ray coming from Kashmir
Gandhi through the prism of akhand Bharat saw a colorful ray coming out of Kashmir. In a job distribution principle the job tackling Sheikh Abdullah was given to Pandit Nehru and the caucus of elite bureacratic Pandits, Mountbatten looked after Maharaja Hari Singh and Gandhi took the responsibility of mesmerizing Sheikh Abdullah's better half Begum Jehanara Abdullah and the family. It was all done with plan and precision.