KASHMIR a nuclear flashpoint
never was and will never be part of India - Intifada
The story of Indian democracy written in blood and betrayal: Indian Express


The fight for freedom will continue-Hurriyat


At his Oval office in Washington President Donald Trump revealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan that Prime Minister Modi of India had urged him to intervene and mediate to resolve the long standing Kashmir issue. President futher said he was ready to mediate as this beautiful place where bombs are flying all around needs a solution. Prime Minister Imran Khan told him that the President of the most powerful country was in a position to mediate and help millions of people suffering in pain, agony and bondage. Khan added that millions of people will pray for your gesture that will create a history unprecedented.


Prior to this high profile meeting, Indian Minister Rajnath Singh issued a statement on July 22, 2019 that "Kashmir resolution is bound to happen and no power on earth can stop it." In a new narrative of government of India also stated that "Modi government looks set to implement a new strategy in Kashmir". The denial from the BJP government as believed is only for domestic consumption as the Hindutva zealots are very dangerously poised. The killers of Gandhi can go to any extent and Mr Modi is quite aware of it. Keeping fingers crossed, it seems Kashmir solution is on the cards in the upcoming future.


The STATE OF KASHMIR on October 25, 1947 existed as an independent sovereign nation. India occupied it through manipulations and intrigues involving Maharaja Patiala initially and then slowly roping in Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir and Sheikh Abdullah, a popular leader of Kashmir. Both were hoodwinked with false promises and dream of secular India that proved to be a mirage. Hari Singh wanted Kashmir to remain independent. The growing Indian clandestine political activity sent alarm bells to the newly created independent nation of Pakistan. Very little could be done by Pakistan´s shocked Governor-General M A Jinnah whose army Chief General Douglas Gracy preferred to act on the orders received from Governor General of India Lord Mountbatten. An act in desperation by a Kashmiri Major Khurshid Anwar and Major Akbar under pseudonym General Tariq to stop India´s occupation plan lacked initial support from Pakistan army which if provided, would have put Kashmir in Pakistan´s lap lock, stock and barrel. Later Pakistan having no option had to intervene and Pakistan army stopped Indian army´s military advance any further at URI that came to be known as CEASEFIRE LINE.

An historical speech made by Jawaharlal Nehru, an offer and a solemn pledge that India is coming in to help having no intention of staying back and will leave instead, after the invasion of tribal warriors from NWFP is dealt with. "man tu shudam, tu man shudi" did not seem to work for Sheikh as perhaps Nehru did not understand the language and chose to ignore it. Nehru´s cleverness paid huge dividends by associating himself with ´secular´ upcoming leader of Kashmiris than with Maharaja Hari Singh whose days ,he thought were numbered and who had opposed Nehru right from the start, advocating an independent Kashmir.

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I came here in end July that too when ´security people´ at Karan Nagar forced us to leave - Kashmir Pandit Raj Nath Turki

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We the Peoples of the United Nations, determined to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small: United Nations Charter


Indian Army on Rampage, Regionalism, Killing Fields,Genocide and World Wakes Up



Over one million trigger happy armed men in uniform, who do not understand the language, culture, religion, ethos and behaviour, pounce on local population with vengeance and a mindset to eliminate the populace to occupy this rich paradise belonging to the poor inhabitants. It is amazing to find the "GOOD PEOPLE" of the world turning a blind eye to these atrocities committed with impunity. UN can see what happens in Syria, Libya or Iran but when it comes to Kashmir they look the other way and one wonders why?


"Sometimes people just go crazy from too much abuse and violence and take drastic, irrational measures to protect themselves - All human beings deserve the right to self determination, the right to the ballot, the right to have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Individual terrorism is bad enough but state sponsored terrorism is truly evil."   Michael Moore
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Yester years handful of Nomadic devoted Sadhus visited Amarnath glacier is now turned into raiding religious multitudes running in tens of thousands to browbeat Kashmiri populace.

Occupational uniformed strong men, heavily armed, contribute to political unrest and Kashmir´s ecological balance that is severely disturbed due to unabated environmental destruction over a period of six decades. Temperatures in the valley risen, diminished rain and snowfall, deforestation and mismanagement of water resources resulting in soil erosion which experts term as responsible for frequent flash floods. Dal Lake seriously effected due to attenuated supply of ice cold water from mountains and lack of maintenance adding to the pollution. The rich wild life, leopard, snow leopard, black bear, Hangul etc. are the species of the past as these are extinct like the special specie known as the human being.

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Kashmiris betrayed by India and mushroom political non-entities using Kashmir for their petty economic interests and down the line we have Abdullahs, Bakshis, Sadiqs, Mir Qasims, Abdullahs’ progeny and this new breed of Mufti dynasty. The fact remains that Kashmiris have suffered enough and the time is not far when the blood of more than one hundred thousand people will result in a fulfilled dream of breathing fresh air in the atmosphere of an independent Kashmir.The people of Kashmir are grappling with the notion to understand their LION to remain faithful to Pandit Nehru even after being put behind bars and later banished from the State for more than two decades.
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Abdullah, befriending Nehru in good faith, was stabbed in the back whereas Pandit Nehru´s truculence paid good dividends. Nehru smeared his hands with the blood of tens of thousands of Kashmiris.

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Sudha Kaul naively throws brutal assasinations into Kashmir kitty

"My daughter woke me up to say Mrs. Gandhi has been assassinated and later Rajiv Gandhi, only to be annihilated by a terrorist bomb."


She very carefully and discreetly maintains silence by not telling the reader how these mother and son were assassinated as she realized that she will have to talk a lot more about Khalistan and Tamil Eelam ´terrorists´ and conveniently manages to confuse the reader by throwing these assassinations in the Kashmir kitty.


Sudha Kaul finds Litterateur’s satanic literature irresistible

The uniquely schooled Rushdie very rightly quotes that “People write to tell lies, so a professional liar makes an excellent living”. The statement holds ground as his ‘Book’ grabbing a booker’s award gave him millions to enjoy.

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Burkha Dutt, pretty, senior and well known TV anchor of India in a twitter message showed serious concern about Kashmir’s destructive communal divide which many believe is a deliberate attempt of Indian government to put out feelers to check the reaction of people in Kashmir and fundamentalist forces within India. An opinion is being built on Indian national level to find a solution to the vexed problem of Kashmir as the political pressure from within India of moderate right thinking forces is mounting to settle the issue once and for all.

Prime Minister Modi derives political strength from right-wing political forces whose agenda is the promotion of Hindu India according second class citizenship rights to all minorities. The religious zealots providing political support to Prime Minister Modi costs India seventy years ‘secular image’ that Pandit Nehru and his successors tried to build. The first prime minister Pandit Nehru is now branded a traitor for bringing misery for the people of India.

Maharaja Hari Singh succeeded his uncle Maharaja Pratap Singh, and ascended the throne on October 14, 1925. He manoeuvred to maintain his independence by playing India and Pakistan by signing stand still agreements with both the countries. Firmly in control after occupation, using Hari Singh to the hilt internationally, India terminated and dispensed with Hari Singh's rule in 1951, externed him to Bombay for rest of his life to die their on April 26, 1961.

Thus India put all its eggs in one basket; exiled Maharaja to rot in Bombay and expended Abdullah in different jails of India to die a political death. The purport accession based by India on the loyalties extended by Maharaja and Abdullah smashed to smithereens exposed India's blatant lies. India, due to frustration, is now toying with the idea of creating regionalism, communalism and division among people, hoping to complicate the issue further.
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Kashmir has always been independent and the snow clad high peak mountains secured it geographical boundaries from invaders. Occupiers have always been beaten and given a bloody nose but India offering a ´hand of frindship´ proved nothing but deceit, fraud and truculence.

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PANDIT NEHRU  July 6, 1951

"People seem to forget that Kashmir is not a commodity for sale or to be bartered. It has an individual existence and its people must be the final arbiters of their future". When, after the transfer of power, the Maharaja of Kashmir refrained from accession to either Dominion, his progress towards a viable independence was closely watched (and possibly encouraged) by these same Sikh rulers. When he began to experience increasing difficulty in resisting the Azad Kashmir movement among his subjects, the Maharaja of Patiala lent him units of his own State Army. The evidence is strong that these Patiala troops entered the State of Kashmir some days before the combined Azad Kashmiri-Pathan operation along the Jhelum Valley of 21-22 October 1947 which marks the formal beginning of the great Kashmir crises.
[Alastair Lamb
Incomplete Partition p.91]


More than one hundred thousand men, women and children killed in the last twenty seven years. An independent Kashmir can be a bridge and instrumental between two hostile nuclear nations. Censorship imposed in Indian democracy conveniently and with suitability worsens the situations. Indian army makes sure to confine populace behind closed doors as millions on the roads create an embarrassing situation and international community is inclined to ask few questions.


JULY 01, 2017


A senior White House official said that US ties with India were not at the expense of its relations with Pakistan.“I want to make a point here that US relationships with India and Pakistan really stand on their own merits and terms,” the official said at a special briefing a day before Monday’s White House meeting between the Indian prime minister and the US president. “While we hope to deepen the relationship with India, we are also interested in continuing our cooperation with Pakistan.


Our policy on Kashmir has not changed,” said a State Department spokesperson when asked if the designation indicated a change in the US policy on Kashmir, which Washington sees as a disputed territory. American statement describes occupied territory as Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir and Washington sees Kashmir as a dispute that needed to be resolved peacefully.

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Max Desfor
Monday November 3, 1947


NEW DELHI: The United Nations was projected into the situation in strife-torn Kashmir today by an Indian government leader´s suggestion that it supervise a plebescite to determine the status of that princely state. The suggestion came from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister of the new dominion of India, to which Kashmir´s Hindu maharaja decided to join his predominantly Moslem state a week ago in order to obtain help against Pathan raiders coming from Pakistan´s northwest frontier province.


Declaring that India had no intention of maintaining troops in Kashmir once the "danger of invasion is passed" Nehru said:"We have declared that the fate of Kashmir is ultimately to be decided by the people. That pledge we have given, and the maharaja has supported it not only to the people of Kashmir but to the world. We will not and cannot back out of it."


"We are prepared when peace and law and order have been established to have a referendum held under international auspices like the United Nations. We want it to be a fair and just reference to the people and we shall accept the verdict."
Nehru termed the invasion of Kashmir by the Pathan raiders a "violation of international law and an unfriendly act to a neighbor country." He said they were "fully armed, well trained and have competent leadership." and added:


Max Desfor 1947


"All these men have come across from Pakistan territory. We have a right to ask the Pakistan governmrnt how and why these people could come across the frontier province or West Punjab (in Pakistan) and how they had been armed so effectively.""Is the Pakistan government too weak to prevent armies from marching across its territory to invade another country, or is it willing this should happen?"Reports of the military situation in Kashmir, where Indian troops are fighting beside the Kashmir forces, remained conflicting.The Pakistan radio said yesterday that Moslem petrols had penetrated the streets of the provincial capital of Srinagar, but this was denied by the Indian government. The latter acknowledged, however, that the invaders had approached to within eight miles of the Srinagar airport, chief base of the Indian army´s defence operations.


A despatch from Srinagar quoted Max Desfor, Associated Press photographer, as saying he had seen more than 20 villages in flames while flying over a section of the Kashmir valley extending to within about 20 miles of the capital. Desfor said, however, that he saw no evidence of any Pathan columns closing in on Srinagar and that there were no signs of any clearly defined battle front.

Kashmir says

Bishop of Lahore, Reverend George Barne in his Foreword (Biscoe´s autobiography), mentions about Biscoe's mission and says what was his target? It was to make men. Men with bodies, minds and spirits fully developed and functioning as the Creator intended. Men of character and courage, serving their fellow-men, fighting for truth and justice. "In All Things Be Men" says the Biscoe motto.


Biscoe, an educationist who regarded character as the most important part of the education. It is no ordinary achievement that to be known as Biscoe Boy was often considered a much better qualification than a university degree. Blanche, Cecil Tyndale-Biscoe's wife stood by him all the years, shared his problems and perplexities.. Continue to read........



that WhatsApp is deleting residents´ accounts: Business Insider Nordic


One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program Ramayana. The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir incredible India does such miracles on daily basis.




Over one million trigger happy armed men in uniform, who do not understand the language, culture, religion, ethos and behaviour, pounce on local population with vengeance and a mindset to eliminate the populace to occupy this rich paradise belonging to the poor inhabitants. It is amazing to find the "GOOD PEOPLE" of the world turning a blind eye to these atrocities committed with impunity. UN can see what happens in Syria, Lybia or Iran but when it comes to Kashmir they look the other way and one wonders why?


More than one hundred thousand men, women and children killed in the last twenty seven years. An independent Kashmir can be a bridge and instrumental between two hostile nuclear nations. Censorship imposed in "Indian democracy" conveniently and with suitability worsens the situations. Indian army makes sure to confine populace behind closed doors as millions on the roads create an embarrassing situation and international community is inclined to ask few questions. Continue to read.......


Expose the fifth-column Brahman trickery creating mischief on the twitter using lies and truculence. Brahmans masquerade as Muslims to create confusion and division among Kashmiri Muslims.


Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone, but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to cemetery - Malcolm X

Martyr Burhan Wani, the man who rekindled and inspired his people infusing new blood to fight occupiers for the basic right of achieving the cherished goal of independence.

The number of gun pellet injury victims, especially youth, mounts to 877. Men women and children invalid for life.




  • 308 hit in the face by pellets
  • 73 have lost eyesight
  • 174 men and children lost arms
  • 100 have legs amputated
  • 222 received body injuries


Special Director General of Police, Coordination, Law and Order S P Vaid shares information on incidents with Rising Kashmir Reporter Mir Liyaqat Ali.(December 18, 2016)




  • 5084 people have been arrested
  • 500 have been detained under (Public Safety Act)
  • 30 schools have been set ablaze in last five months
  • 250 to 275 militants operating in the Valley


TIMES OF INDIA (May 21, 2016)

Around 1.8 million of Kashmir´s population show significant amount of mental distress.




V M Tarkunde, a prominant Indian lawyer, civil rights activist, a humanist referred to as Father of Civil Liberties Movement, a dinguished Judge feeling pain of Kashmir on February 19, 1990 said "A grant of plebiscite to the people of Kashmir Valley is the obvious solution. If, as a third alternative Kashmir becomes an Independent Democratic and Secular State, its territorial integrity should be guaranteed by India, Pakistan and the UN. That would end the hostility between India and Pakistan and Kashmir will acquire the Status of the Switzerland of Asia. A Humanist cannot wish for anything better"
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Chairman Mao is quoted to be neutral as far as Kashmir imbroglio is concerned, at least it could be a factual position before or during the 'hindi chini bhai bhai (brotherly) affair' but after 1962 war won decisively by China, the whole political scenario changed dramatically.
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Dalits & Kashmiri Muslims - Similarities

Brahma is not Dharma

Baba Sahib explains the foundation of democracy based on Dharma and why it is different, he says, is the GREAT RIDDLE
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Bakshi Jehangir´s beautiful website is a great contribution to Kashmir´s wild life. An introduction to world community and lovers of animal life whatever exists is widely appreciated in spite of the challenges faced due to military occupation and political uncertainty.

"The Kashmir Valley has been fabled down the ages for its natural beauty. It has best been described as an emerald set in pearls, with the emerald representing the lush, fertile Kashmir Valley and pearls for the lofty snow-clad Himalayan peaks that encircle it. Kashmir´s enormous habitat diversity supports an equally rich and unique biodiversity, making Kashmir a biological paradise. Unfortunately it's environment is being seriously degraded by the combined onslaught of violence, pollution, global warming and habitat destruction due to human encroachment, unplanned tourism and deforestation". Continue to read........


Kashmir, as we know, is going through difficult times, and the going seems tough as speaking out the truth becomes real hard and at times impossible. In a real democracy, freedom of press and right to information professed allows running of normal day to day affairs smoothly to a reasonable extent. On the contrary, the unpleasant issues like human right violations, indiscriminate killings, house searches backed by draconian laws, adds humiliation and resultant psychological problems for the affected populace. For a fake democracy it can become an embarrassment, especially under the watchful eyes of the international community.


The general public wholly depends on the information allowed for consumption and policy directions formulated to be followed by the media circles in the broader ´national´ interest. People of India, unfortunately, are fed with information far from truth and it is expected that an established vibrant democracy gives people the right to know everything about anything that happens on local or international level. The problem of Kashmir projected and given to understand to people of India as gosple truth is based mainly on following baseless arguments charging the people up emotionally to complicate a simple issue of persecuted people´s basic fundamental right.


Gandhi´s letter to Christian evangelist Milton Newberry Frantz in 1926 records the content of the letter saying "Jesus was one of the great teachers of mankind". The letter is considered by Nathan Raab,the president of Raab collection as an embodiment of "Gandhi´s vision for world of religions at peace".

Gandhi wrote, “Dear Friend, I have your letter. I am afraid it is not possible for me to subscribe to the creed you have sent me. The subscriber is made to believe that the highest manifestation of the unseen reality was Jesus Christ. In spite of all my efforts, I have not been able to feel the truth of that statement. I have not been able to move beyond the belief that Jesus was one of the great teachers of mankind. Do you not think that religious unity is to be had not by a mechanical subscription to a common creed but by all respecting the creed of each? In my opinion, difference in creed there must be so long as there are different brains. But how does it matter if all these are hung upon the common thread of love and mutual esteem?” Gandhi held on to those ideals and cow worshipping till his last day before re-incarnation.
More about Jesus Christ (pbuH)

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Kashmir, culturally a symbol of tolerance and forbearance is faced with a new culture of violence, intolerance and moral degradation. It is argued in certain quarters that Kashmiriat must be recognised and accepted as basis for understanding last seventy years political uneasiness and turbulence and it will not be difficult to assess and analyse to find why Kashmir is alight?


Pakistan’s “Sheh rug” (jugular vein) or India’s “atut ang” (integral part) may satisfy remote controlled sections of the society driven by nostalgia but in the long run it will always result in details of gore, ingrained animosity, flippant rhetoric and waste of resources desperately needed for uplifting the downtrodden. A cricket match becomes a question of life and death involving the “Aussie-British version of Ashes hostility” in the worse form.


In order to find a lasting political solution to avoid future wars between India and Pakistan, a number of international dignitaries considered it imperative to make a serious effort to resolve the issue. In this connection, initially, Australian diplomat Sir Owen Dixon visited Kashmir on July 30, 1950 and gave several proposals, if allowed to be implemented could have saved thousands of lives those perished in brutal subjugation and wars fought between India and Pakistan. Sir Owen Dixon’s popularly known as “DIXON PLAN” discussed at length in many forums believed to be a practical solution, a historical reality lies in cold storage.


Kashmir history replete with stories of oppression and inhuman treatment on a people belonging to this most beautiful place blessed with abundant natural resources faced perpetual wars from Khokh, Tungan and Mongols who came through Karakoram mountainous range to deprive people of their belongings, live stock and women. This was followed by Mughals who fought wars and adopted a different strategy of deceit by inviting King Yousuf Shah Chak for negotiations with resultant imprisonment and death.


Kashmir’s unending vows were to take new dimensions; as soon after the transfer of power to India by British in August 1947, the interim Prime Minister of Kashmir Sheikh Abdullah´s land to tiller legislation unnerved 4% Kashmiri Pandits who sensed white collar bureaucratic power base coming under threat and also the fear of losing feudal supremacy that gained gradual momentum. Pandit Nehru assured and won Sheikh Abdullah’s trust by promising him an independent Kashmir in private and in public, a stand Pandit Nehru backtracked once Indian army established firm military control on Kashmir.






An illustrious Kashmiri poet famous for his fiery verses Abdul Ahad Zargar born in the year 1882, died in 1973. Follower of the Qadri order his Fakiri poem widely known is probably one of the most popular poems sung by various folk singers of the valley.


Abdul Ahad Zargar's verses relate to spirituality, metaphysical forces and Sufism. Many noted singers of the valley sung Zargar's classics elevating listners to spiritual heights. Kashmiri language a heterogeneous combination of several languages including Arabic, Persian, Russian and Sanskrit are the pearls used by the poet to express himself in a perspective representing culture and ethos. Some of his remarkable lines sung give an idea of his spiritual commitment to his ownself and all others who derive pleasure and stand benefitted spiritually.


Ahad Zargar´s poetic nuances



For centuries Kashmir has had a history of invasions by outside forces to subjugate people by perpetual use of force and apart from persecution and plunder,the worst hit has always been the culture of this paradise on earth. Sufiana music, a very old tradition is dying and an urgent action is needed to save it from extinction. Only a few families in Kashmir practiced this musical form, whereas the tallest Ustad Muhammed Abdullah Tibetbaqal, Ghulam Muhammed Qaleenbaaf, Ustad Ghulam Muhammed Saaz Nawaz and Ustad Abdul Ghani Namtahali contributed to impart to their family members and were/are practicing artists.
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India planned for decades investing billions of US Dollars to destablize Pakistan. The main target was to focus on Pakistan´s business hub Karachi and rich in minerals, silver and gold Baluchistan Province. India needed Baluchistan to gain access to Afghanistan, Central Asia and Europe. Pakistan´ army and its intelligence agencies dashed all Indian hopes and brought the country´s turmoil under control. Pakistan is still struggling to wipe out the political mafia who were embedded with deep roots in the so called democratic set -up to create mayhem with a special target to weaken army and economic back-bone of Pakistan. The enemies planned and so did Allah.