Dalits and Kashmiri Muslims - Similarities



Dalits traditionally branded as impure and conveniently type-cast as chamars, latrine and sewer cleaners and not allowed to socialise or be a part of Hindu society. An accidental bodily contact with upper castes can seriously go wrong for Dalits. Mahatma Gandhi preferred to call them Harijan (the people of god). Dalits developed an allergy and hatred with this sinister conspiracy as sincerity of Gandhi became a question mark. The question raised was, an objection, the way Dalits were given a different name to identify them differently for all times to come. The question asked was; why couldn’t they simply be called and accepted as Hindus like other Hindus?


Not in the distant past, the news of dead dogs being thrown in the wells owned by generally suppressed Dalits in South Delhi was reported and for many quarters it was not a surprise. The memories are still fresh with India´s erstwhile Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister, Babu Jagjivan Ram´s visit to Birla Mandir when the temple was thoroughly washed and cleaned; an insult in a brazen manner to the visiting dignitary. There are unending stories that are recorded to depict the atrocities committed on weak, poverty stricken Dalits from times immemorial and even continue today in twenty first century suffering humiliation at the hands of upper-caste privileged Brahmans.


Late Bhim Rao Ambedkar, reverently and popularly known as Baba Saheb, father of Indian constitution, was influenced by Buddhism and embraced the new faith after disillusionment with caste-system and other inequalities in Hinduism. Baba Saheb was grieved to see his people in deprivation living a life in humiliation below subsistence level and not even able to dream of getting basic education as learning was a reserved prerogative of the upper castes. Though now Dalits perform in an outstanding manner in all fields of education and are spread throughout the world.


Since October 26, 1947 Kashmiris have been pressing hard to impress upon India to heed their cries to restore them their legitimate rights. In this connection, Kashmiris initially started of their struggle peacefully represented by their leader Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah who chose to be a friend of Pandit Nehru expecting him to be a trusted friend who promised him in private and in public on several occasions to respect the rights of Kashmiris and safeguard the right to be an independent nation like it existed before 1947. But that was not to be and people came on the roads to fight with bricks and stones resulting in the death of nearly fifteen hundred people on August 9, 1953. People were crushed with an iron hand and powers that be managed to impose governments of puppets from New Delhi giving them power through rigged elections.


The story continued till October 1989 when people resorted to violence picking up guns and getting training in handling arms from across cease-fire line that again resulted in the death of more than one hundred thousand men, women and children, rapes, disappearances, random killings in torture chambers. This all was done with the help and disinformation campaign led by elite class of Kashmiri Pandits who initially fed Nehru with wrong information and misled him in believing that 4% Kashmiri Pandits would not be safe if India did not occupy Kashmir.


In this fight India also lost an estimated twenty five thousand army men and officers. It is worth noting that the army men who died in the fight, a majority of them, unfortunately, were Dalits who were used to face the brunt of war as these people were thought to be dispensable.


Gandhi was a so called high caste. High castes represent a small minority in India, some 10% of the population, yet dominate Indian society in much the same way whites ruled South Africa during the official period of Apartheid. Dalits often use the phrase Apartheid in India when speaking about their problems.”




Kashmiri Muslims are considered impure and low-caste; referred to using a derogatory term as mussarman though Pandits living amongst them for centuries have not intriguingly learnt the name to be spelt and pronounced as Mussalman. If any Muslim inadvertently walks into their lodgings; the action is considered blasphemous and the whole lodging has to be cleaned and made pure by disinfectant water mixed with cow dung and urine.


Kashmiri Muslims believe that they lived in darkness and centuries back in 1372 A.D. Abdul Rehman known as Bulbul Shah and later Mir Syed Ali Hamadani, Sufi Saints of Iraq with their spiritual and intellectual powers converted the Kashmir king Rinchen followed by a huge majority of Pandits to Islam. These Sufi Saints were armed with a Staff and accompanied by few disciples. All Sufi Saints of Kashmir are held in very high esteem by Muslims and Pandits alike. Kashmiri Muslims are known for Kashmiriat that includes communal harmony. During and after transfer of power to India from British, the sub-continent was on fire and both Muslims and Hindus were engaged in a bloodbath. Kashmir was busy marching on the roads in Kashmir with simulation guns made of timber to chant slogans “hamla awar khabardar, hum Kashmiri hein tayaar” protecting their 4% minority Hindu community.


Sheikh Muhammad Abdullah an M.SC. Graduate from Aligarah revered and then popularly known as Sheri Kashmir gave a hope to his people by befriending Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who promised him and people of Kashmir a right to live a life free of subjugation and bondage. History had something else in store for Kashmir and Pandit Nehru taking a somersault betrayed his bosom friend to create a history of conflict.


Sheikh Abdullah mesmerised by Pandit Nehru kept people sedated and most importantly to save 4% Pandits from any invisible harm. In comparison, Jammu beyond Udhampur was committing crimes against humanity to indulge in a massacre that saw two hundred thousand Muslims butchered by Dogra Rajputs assisted by Maharaja Hari Singh’s army. Kashmir housing good human beings kept its tradition of good human values. It did not take long for Pandit Ji to give measure by measure to Sheikh putting him behind bars for years on several times till Sheikh died a political death.


Pandit Nehru, as is believed, was initially inclined to help Sheikh Abdullah fulfil his dream but the caucus of priviledged Kashmiri Pandits reminded Nehru of the duty towards his fellow Pandits to save them from annihilation at the hands of Kashmiri Muslims. Nehru listened and fell a prey to the intrigues of Pandits rather than respect heart to heart talk he had with his friend Sheikh Abdullah who had demonstrated to the world at large that he was a secular leader who guaranteed the safety and rights of all minorities which he had proved to the world by action and deeds.


One hundred percent white collar jobs of the Babu culture were and are monopolised by Pandits and one hundred percent municipality jobs like cleaning latrines, sewers, lanes and roads reserved for Kashmiri Muslims. Learning was the birth right of Pandits and Muslims, though in majority, were to serve Pandits and their families. Muslims at the moment are spread throughout the world doing wonderfully well in education, business and all fields of science and technology. The State of Kashmir had a few battalions of its army which after occupation were merged with Indian army. With the passage of time, in 1962 war with China; all these Kashmiri battalions were consumed on NEFA border fighting Chinese with not a word mentioned anywhere.


Gandhi obtained the cure for his anxiety, but the people of Kashmir have suffered anxiety ever since. Gandhi, the man of peace, brought misery to the men of Kashmir.


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Brahma is not Dharma - Baba Sahib Ambedkar
Baba Sahib explains the foundation of democracy based on Dharma and why it is different, he says, is the GREAT RIDDLE.
To support democracy because we are all children of God is a very weak foundation for democracy to rest on. That is why democracy is so shaky wherever it (is) made to rest on such a foundation. But to recognize and realize that you and I are parts of the same cosmic principle leaves room for no other theory of associated life except democracy. It does not merely preach democracy it makes democracy an obligation of one and all.
Western students of democracy have spread the belief that democracy has stemmed either from Christianity or from Plato and that there is no other source of inspiration for democracy. If they had known that India too had developed the doctrine of Brahmanism which furnishes a better foundation for democracy they would not have been so dogmatic. India too must be admitted to have a contribution towards a theoretical foundation for democracy.
The question is what happened to this doctrine of Brahmanism? It is quite obvious that Brahmanism had no social effects. It was not made the basis of Dharma. When asked why this happened the answer is that Brahmanism is only philosophy, as though philosophy arises not out of social life but out of nothing and for nothing. Philosophy is no purely theoretic matter. It has practical potentialities. Philosophy has its roots in the problems of life and whatever theories philosophy propounds must return to society as instruments of re-constructing society. It is not enough to know. Those who know must endeavour to fulfil.
Why then Brahmanism failed to produce a new society? This is a great riddle. It is not that the Brahmins did not recognize the doctrine of Brahmanism. They did. But they did not ask how they could support inequality between the Brahmin and the Shudra, between man and woman, between casteman and outcast? But they did not. The result is that we have on the one hand the most democratic principle of Brahmanism and on the other hand a society infested with castes, sub-castes, outcastes, primitive tribes and criminal tribes. Can there be a greater dilemma than this? What is more ridiculous is the teaching of the Great Shankaracharya. For it was this Shankaracharya who taught that there is Brahma and this Brahma is real and that it pervades all and at the same time upheld all the inequities of the Brahmanic society. Only a lunatic could be happy with being the propounder of two such contradictions. Truly as the Brahman is like a cow, he can eat anything and everything as the cow does and remain a Brahmin.
Riddle NO 22 of his book titled RIDDLES IN HINDUISM
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G. N. Fai of Kashmiri American Council who is being silenced in a bizzare manner is reportedly a conspiracy hatched by Indian RAW (Reasearch & Analysis Wing) seeking help from its new masters to put Kashmir again on back burner to gain time.

India, in the past, very cleverly, used erstwhile Soviet Union´s veto power to thwart all attempts by United Nations through its various Resolutions to allow people of Kashmir a plebiscite to choose their political future. This action has always been scuttled by India using brute military force to subjugate people against their will.


More than one hundred thousand men, women and children have been killed in a matter of 22 years (Indian official figure is seventy thousand Muslims dead). Scores of women raped; billions worth of property burnt and razed to break the will of Kashmiri people and the process is on unabated.


In the recent past, the reference to Kashmir by OIC as occupied territory caused a ripple effect in India and a statement or two on the highest level sufficed to calm the situation to follow the policy of appeasement coinciding the visit of Madam Clinton followed by a visit of Ms Khar, foreign Minister of Pakistan.


The Kazakhstan meet had its symbolisms allowing, at least, to create an awareness to tell half of the world about Indian democracy that is on display in Kashmir. Not that the other half does not know what is happening but this other half has its palm greased on all occasions and then why not, all are in business.


OIC (Orgarization of Islamic Conference) reference to Kashmir as an independent nation was well timed, as it knows the historical fact, that Kashmir has been an independent nation before Indian occupation having its constitution, two houses of parliament and its own army of the King Yousuf Shah Chak or the Dogra rulers down the line to Maharaja Hari Singh. In comparison, independent India had its constitution drafted much later in early fifties by Dalit leader Baba Sahib Ambedkar.


Freedom fighters of Kashmir are referred to by India as terrorists and separatists in the same manner as British called Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru and Sukhdev as terrorists and separatists having the same label. Kashmir has had a long history of betrayals and the last one, in a crafty manner, was offered by Pandit Nehru in 1947 using the services rendered by Mountbattens, Dwarkanath Kachru, V P Menon, Mehr Chand Mahajan assisted, abetted and helped by a caucus of elite Kashmiri Pandit bureaucrats.


India, generally, quotes examples of Muslim countries devoid of democratic system of government to justify its actions as a viable democracy and we have seen this democracy working vis a vis Muslims of Meerut, Jabalpur, Aligarah, Thana Bhiwindi, Jaipur, Christian belt of North-East, Naxalites, Maoists, Assam, Modi´s Gujarat and above all razed Babri Masjid to satisfy sentimental Hindu mythological nostalgia.


Kashmiris visiting abroad have no alternative but to travel on Indian passports out of compulsion, in the same manner Gandhi travelled to South Africa as an employee of Abdullah Seth or Nehru and all other Indians who travelled on British Indian passports. Kashmiri Muslims travelling in and out of Kashmir have huge stories to tell about the hardship and treatment meted out to them at India High Commissions and Consulates, by its biased staff.


India´s military machine has led to arrogance for some to even brag about a dressing down formulae to intimidate and browbeat OIC members but the saner elements do realize that India needs oil and gas to carry on living in the world like any other nation to survive and cannot afford adventures or political jingoism.


An impression is created that a small minority of people in Kashmir ask for independence and majority like to stay with India and if this is the reality then India must not lose this opportunity and allow Kashmir to hold a plebiscite under international supervision so that Kashmir becomes Indian property lock, stock and barrel.

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Democracy, generally believed, is the right answer to achieve progress, deliver justice and allow basic fundamental & human rights but the concept needs to be understood and then implemented in its right perspective. People, in the Indian sub-continent, voted in through free and fair or rigged elections unfortunately misunderstand the purpose and misuse the position to become a law unto them.


Pakistan has gone through many political upheavals since its inception and the country´s history tells us that "democratically elected" governments have been disillusionment, betrayal resulting in loot, plunder, nepotism and widespread corruption. That does not mean the dictatorships for rest of the period depict a rosy picture but in comparison army rules, as widely agreed upon, gave Pakistan some stability.


March 1971


The role played by India was instrumental in creating an independent nation of Bangladesh through pumped in resources, physical military intervention, and planned hijacking drama to stop air-traffic between East & West Pakistan with a resultant scenario of ninety thousand Pakistani POWs. All this could have been avoided to keep the country united if Z A Bhutto had shown far-sightedness, patriotism, and statesmanship by allowing Mujeeb-ur-Rahman’s overwhelming majority head the government of united Pakistan. Observers believe that Bhutto later paid the price for betraying his own country. Shah Nawaz Bhutto getting ´Z´ security while enjoying stay with his pal Sanjay Gandhi shared his bedroom for months at PM Indra Gandhi’s residence 1 Safdarjung road, New Delhi at a time when Pakistan had no diplomatic relations with India.


June 1984


Aftermath of Indian army´s storming of Harminder Sahib in Golden Temple Complex resulted in tens of thousands of martyred Sikhs turning the uprising into an independence movement of Khalistan. Pakistan´s The News reported that Prime Minister Benazeer Bhutto prepared a list of Sikhs fighting Indian army and asked her minister Aitzaz Ahsan to forward it to Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. It was a matter of days that thousands of Sikhs were rounded up from their hideouts and slain in cold blood.


December 1998


India´s erstwhile Prime Minister Inder Kumar Gujral is on record having said (December 1998 in a meeting at Dhaka) that "Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif handed me a secret report about covert activities of Kashmiri militants operating in Indian Occupied Kashmir”. The uprising in Kashmir cost more than one hundred thousand lives, thousands disappeared, unspecified number of rapes and billions worth property razed. Jung in its report on October 28, 1999 says " Gujral revealed stunning details about how close former premier Nawaz Sharif and his family were to him and how the depth of their friendship reflected on India-Pakistan bilateral ties while the two were in power.


February 1999


The Lahore Declaration signed by Prime Ministers Nawaz Shari & Atal Bihari Vajpayee notably stresses on Simla Agreement in letter & spirit an accord that binds Pakistan to maintain a status quo on Kashmir. Further it mentions to intensify efforts to resolve all issues, including the issue of Jammu & Kashmir. Since the times Kashmir was occupied India, for international consumption, talks about peace and settlement of Kashmir issue but whenever under international pressure India agrees to discuss, it asks Pakistan to handover the areas of Kashmir under Pakistan’s control creating a deadlock sending the parties back to square one. But the fact remains that Simla agreement or any other declaration between India & Pakistan have no bearing on Kashmir imbroglio as Kashmir is an internationally accepted political problem and needs a solution as per the wish of Kashmiris who own the land.


May – June 2014


Only a day earlier of Nawaz Sharif´s surprise visit to India on the oath ceremony of New Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had lashed out on his Pakistani counterpart even teaching his country a lesson. A day later Pakistani PM’s visit was termed as "an historical event as both prime ministers sought reconciliation and plans to move forward in peace". Now warmly received sworn enemy turned everything hunky dory promising “good relations” promoting trade, cultural relations and a special preference to put Kashmir on the back burner. Since then PM Modi, many believe, has extended a helping hand to PM Sharif to ward off internal pressure as a result of perpetual head on collision with his own army and majority of electorate of Pakistan.


Politics is a very funny game and Dr Tahirul Qadri, an Islamic scholar, a new political entrant, observers believe, lacks experience to understand the nitty-gritty of political gamesmanship. The silent majority of Pakistan, believing religiously in Allama´s sincerity of purpose, extends unswerving support for a mission that under the prevailing circumstances is considered a dire need for putting Pakistan bank on the track. Allama proved to be a huge crowd puller and that too in Nawaz Sharif Muslim league’s political domain and all his statements quite clearly expose vulnerability that threatens Punjab Doyen’s unnerving political Sultanate.


In the TV talk shows and in the country´s controversial parliament a unified stand is taken by ruling and main opposition parties harping on election through ballot provided in the prevailing democratic system stressing on the only way to solve the political tangle. Allama reiterating his plea that he does not want to derail the democratic system or any attempt to subvert 1973 Constitution but wants to flush out the forces who for 65 years managed to exploit political power and usurp the rights of people of Pakistan. As it seems Allama has not, except people’s visible mass support, found any takers for his proposals in the spectrum of deep rooted political hierarchies of Pakistan.


Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan miraculously managed to convert his Pakistan Tahreek Insaf (PTI) Party into a formidable political force and challenged the ruling elite with allegations of mass rigging through corruption in the last elections. Khan alleges that his mandate to rule the country was stolen and after knocking all the doors to seek justice is now forced to come on the roads to protest. Though Dr. Tahirul Qardi and Imran Khan have the same agenda of demands but still insist on keeping their political identities apart. The two pronged attack of the political duo has brought the government machinery to a grinding halt and the dedication with commitment shown by the supporters running in tens of thousands has rung alarm bells in the corridors of power in the Pakistani capital.


The political pundits while showing apprehensions for adverse political developments in Pakistan are more worried for the tensions created on the ceasefire line in Kashmir at a time when internal political uncertainty has peaked and Pakistan army is faced with a responsibility unprecedented. The murky political situation, economy in shambles and emerged fifth column bent on destabilising Pakistan creates a difficult situation for army and keeps it guessing what to do next.


American philosopher Noam Chomsky describes Capitalism as having no heart, no soul and no conscience. All capitalists are fundamentally interested in one freedom and that is freedom to rob. Capitalism's most powerful weapon is Democracy as it allows it to acquire control of the intelligentsia and bureaucratic cadres of the society. Freedom of Expression is the most deceitful myth of Capitalism and so called media is controlled by capitalistic mindset exploiting and using the talent of celebrated stars of the freedom of expression.

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One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program "Ramayana". The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir "incredible India" does such miracles on daily basis.


International Forum for Justice and Human Rights:
The number of gun pellet injury victims, especially youth, mounts to 877. Men women and children invalid for life, click photo to enlarge.
  • 308 hit in the face by pellets
  • 73 have lost eyesight
  • 174 men and children lost arms
  • 100 have legs amputated
  • 222 received body injuries
Special Director General of Police, Coordination, Law and Order S. P Vaid shares information on incidents with Rising Kashmir Reporter Mir Liyaqat Ali.(December 18, 2016)
  • 5084 people have been arrested
  • 500 have been detained under (Public Safety Act)
  • 30 schools have been set ablaze in last five months
  • 250 to 275 militants operating in the Valley
TIMES OF INDIA (May 21, 2016)
Around 1.8 million of Kashmir´s population show significant amount of mental distress.

Baba Sahib B R Ambedkar
A spiritual leader, an intellectual, philanthropist, humanist, altruist, an author and the one who gave India its constitution; Baba Sahib, a beacon of light showed the way to persecuted 35% Indian population giving them courage to fight for their rights. Let Narendra Modi call for a referendum to ask people of India to choose between him and Baba Sahib.
Anjali Lukose throws ample light on the treatment meted out to Dalit leader Baba Sahib Bhim Rao Ambedkar from time to time. Visiting the places Baba Sahib worked and lived, remain forgotten and neglected. "The ashes of Babasaheb remain locked inside cupboard 13 along with rare books from his collection on the ground floor of Siddharth College of Arts, Science and Commerce". Lukose adds.
Gandhi conveniently calls them "Harijans"
India´s 35% population (practicing Buddhists) demonstrate on the streets of south-India beef eating exercise to challenge ruling upper caste 6% population. The persecuted Dalits the original inhabitants of India are downtrodden, poor, uneducated and exploited by uppercaste Brahmans from times immemorial.
Subramanium Swamy the fascist leader of fundamentalist BJP claims that Ravana (the evil king of Hindu mythology) and his wife Mandodari were dalits from Uttar Pradesh.
In a shocking incident in Jhansi, a Dalit youth was tortured by a group of uppercaste men allegedly over a land dispute. The youth alleged that he was beaten up, forced to eat excreta and his genitals were torched by the gang. The victim was later admitted to a local hospital.
Jinnah did not succumb to Gandhi's trickery
Unlike Sheikh Abdullah of Kashmir, Muhammad Ali Jinnah stood like a rock to scuttle every move of Gandhi to trick him into changing his mind. Jinnah, as is said, had understood Gandhi and his handling of situations hiding under the veneer of Hindu trickiness. A committed Jinnah used the opportunity to succeed in his mission of creating an independent nation of Pakistan.
Gandhi´speech at the Prayer Meeting on 4th January 1948
"The two Dominions should come together with God as witness and find a settlement. The matter is now before the UNO. It cannot be withdrawn from there. But if India and Pakistan come to a settlement the big powers in the UNO will have to endorse that settlement. They will not object to the settlement. They themselves can only say that they will do their best to see that the two countries arrive at an understanding through mutual discussions. Let us pray to God to grant that we may either learn to live in amity with each other or if we must fight, let us fight to the very end".
Gandhi saw a ray coming from Kashmir
Gandhi through the prism of akhand Bharat saw a colorful ray coming out of Kashmir. In a job distribution principle the job tackling Sheikh Abdullah was given to Pandit Nehru and the caucus of elite bureacratic Pandits, Mountbatten looked after Maharaja Hari Singh and Gandhi took the responsibility of mesmerizing Sheikh Abdullah's better half Begum Jehanara Abdullah and the family. It was all done with plan and precision.
Sincerity of purpose
Gentleman ex-prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as believed, showed the sincerity of purpose and engaged in a dialogue with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to find a solution to long standing Kashmir problem. An attempt that was welcomed by all quarters except the Indian army which scuttled the move to leave Kashmir simmer again till someone in India was bold enough and honest to take a decision in the right direction. Kashmir all agree needs a solution and sooner or later it has to happen.
People of Pakistan have failed to understand their prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family, a leader of main political party to betray a nation, his motherland which gave him honour, respect and even allowed him to commit loot and plunder. Sharif went even a step further by stabbing poor Kashmiris in the back. It is reported in the media that Indian prime minister late I.K.Gujral revealed that Nawaz Sharif handed him full intelligence report on Kashmiri freedom fighters engaged in a war with Indian occupational forces. On receiving the information Indian army in Kashmir went on a murder hunt and killed thousands wherever they found them.
Swamy, a hardline Hindu fundamentalist from South India minces no words when he asks Kashmiris who own the land to cross over to Pakistan. The fascism preached by Swamy was accorded measure by measure treatment by late ISI chief of Pakistan General Hamid Gul.
The military victory in Kargil under the command and control of Pakistan's army chief General Musharraf was turned into a polital defeat by fifth column prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif.
It is an irony that Nawaz Sharif banks on the support of Indian prime minister Modi to stay in power in Pakistan. Pakistan understands that the enemy within is more dangerous than nuclear armed to teeth India.
Friends and Masters
The patriotism of Nawaz Sharief and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto´s family rule, or even some fifth column religious outfits leave a big question mark. The uneducated and economically downtrodden Pakistan has been unlucky and vote these so called leaders to power giving them opportunity to mess up Pakistan. ZA Bhutto, perhaps inadvertently, proved instrumental in creating Bangladesh. He could not have been oblivious of Indian clandestine plan using its resources and connections in the eastern wing to secede it from West-Pakistan.
Benazeer Bhutto for some unknown reasons helped India to crush Khalistan movement which unfortunately resulted in genocide committed by India in Indian Punjab. Ms Bhutto chose to hand over all the files of Sikh militants fighting for independent Khalistan.
During General Zia-ul-Haq´s rule when India and Pakistan had no diplomatic relations, Shahnawaz Bhutto was seen busy shopping in Delhi´s Connaught Place escorted by Indian intelligence agencies. Soon it came to light that Shahnawaz was a special guest at Indira Gandhi´s official residence 1 Safdarjung road New Delhi sharing the bed room of his close friend Sanjay Gandhi. Both these friends died a brutal death, the former was found dead in a hotel in Nice, France and the latter died in an air-crash.