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Baba Sahib B R Ambedkar

A spiritual leader, an intellectual, philanthropist, humanist, altruist, an author and the one who gave India its constitution; Baba Sahib, a beacon of light showed the way to persecuted 33% Indian population giving them courage to fight for their rights. Let Narendra Modi call for a referendum to ask people of India to choose between him and Baba Sahib. Anjali Lukose throws ample light on the treatment meted out to Dalit leader Baba Sahib Bhim Rao Ambedkar from time to time. Visiting the places Baba Sahib worked and lived, remained forgotten and neglected. The ashes of Babasaheb remain locked inside cupboard 13 along with rare books from his collection on the ground floor of Siddharth College of Arts, Science and Commerce. Lukose adds.

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Dr.Ambedkar, the Chief Architect of Indian Constitution, is well-known not only as a constitutionalist and a perliamentarian but also as a scholar and active reformer all over the world. As a champion of the down-trodden he waged relentless struggle against the oppressive features of Hindu Society. Throughout his life, he strove for establishment of a new social order based on the principles of liberty, equality, justice and universal brotherhood.  Chief Minister S.B.Chavan (1988)

The curse untouchability prevalent in Hinduism forced and is forcing the majority of India's 33% Dalits to convert to other religions. Many Dalit past and present leaders give calls to quit Hinduism. Most of the persecuted Hindus are converting either to Bhuddism or Christianity. Many others find peace, equality and safety by converting to Islam.


The Brahmans have propagated the view that the Hindu civilization is Sanatan that is unchanging. The view has been reinforced by a good many of the European scholars who have said that the Hindu civilization is static. I have attempted to show that this view is not in accord with facts and that Hindu society has changed from time to time and the change has been of radical kind. In comparison, Riddles from Himsa to Ahimsa and Ahimsa back to Himsa. Hindu religion is not Sanatan; Hindu masses have been deceived and misguided by the Brahmans.

There came the time when Brahmans abandoned their Vedic gods; where is Indra, Varuna, Brahma or Mitra as they have all disappeared. Many cases can be quoted where Brahmans became the worshippers of Muslim Peers. In a glaring example, At Muslim Durgah Baba malangshah in Kalyan near Bombay, a Brahman officiates as a priest wearing clothes of a Muslim and receives money offered by thousands on daily basis.

To support democracy because we are all children of God is a very weak foundation for democracy to rest on. That is why democracy is so shaky wherever it (is) made to rest on such a foundation. But to recognize and realize that you and I are parts of the same cosmic principle leaves room for no other theory of associated life except democracy. It does not merely preach democracy it makes democracy an obligation of one and all.

Western students of democracy have spread the belief that democracy has stemmed either from Christianity or from Plato and that there is no other source of inspiration for democracy. If they had known that India too had developed the doctrine of Brahmanism which furnishes a better foundation for democracy they would not have been so dogmatic. India too must be admitted to have a contribution towards a theoretical foundation for democracy.

The question is what happened to this doctrine of Brahmanism? It is quite obvious that Brahmanism had no social effects. It was not made the basis of Dharma. When asked why this happened the answer is that Brahmanism is only philosophy, as though philosophy arises not out of social life but out of nothing and for nothing. Philosophy is no purely theoretic matter. It has practical potentialities. Philosophy has its roots in the problems of life and whatever theories philosophy propounds must return to society as instruments of re-constructing society. It is not enough to know. Those who know must endeavour to fulfil.

Why then Brahmanism failed to produce a new society? This is a great riddle. It is not that the Brahmins did not recognize the doctrine of Brahmanism. They did. But they did not ask how they could support inequality between the Brahmin and the Shudra, between man and woman, between casteman and outcast? But they did not. The result is that we have on the one hand the most democratic principle of Brahmanism and on the other hand a society infested with castes, sub-castes, outcastes, primitive tribes and criminal tribes. Can there be a greater dilemma than this? What is more ridiculous is the teaching of the Great Shankaracharya. For it was this Shankaracharya who taught that there is Brahma and this Brahma is real and that it pervades all and at the same time upheld all the inequities of the Brahmanic society. Only a lunatic could be happy with being the propounder of two such contradictions. Truly as the Brahman is like a cow, he can eat anything and everything as the cow does and remain a Brahmin.

The excerpts from Baba Sahib´s masterpiece THE RIDDLES IN HINDUISM compiled by the author to give visitors a lucid explanation. EXCERPTS


There is no reason to call them sacred or infallible which contain nothing but invocation of tribal gods to destroy the enemies, loot their property and give to the followers. Purusha Sukta has made Brahmans the lords of the earth and no one can challenge them. The time has come when the Hindu mind must be freed from the hold which the silly ideas propagated by the Brahmans, have on them. Without this liberation India has no future.

Gotama the author of the Nyaya system of Philosophy was an upholder of the doctrine of the authority of the Vedas. He has summarized the argument of his opponents in Sutra 57 which reads as follows:


Observers estimate that the brutal suppression of democratic rights and the Dalits' freedom of opinion by BJP government agencies and misinformation in the media will have significant consequences. November 4 revealed that the governing BJP Party's political and religious system feels challenged and threatened by the planned mass conversions. Although the numbers are difficult to estimate, perhaps 350,000 Dalits were turned away by massive police presence on roads leading into New Delhi. "If that could be done in open view of the world's media in New Delhi, what sort of repressive tactics were used in the villages?" asks D'Souza. For India's 300 million Dalits, the supposed broad base of the Hindu caste pyramid, this could be the start of an incredible movement challenging the caste system and working for the good of the poor and suppressed, not the privileged Brahmans, the top of the pyramid.


If a person, bereft of all sense, cohabits with his mother, or sister, or self-begotten daughter, he must perform a threefold Krichchhra penance, a tire-fold Chandrayar should be performed, likewise cut-off his sexual organ.

On cohabitation with his mother´s sister, it is requisite to cut-off his sexual organ; if it has been done unwittingly, the sinner must perform a double Chandarayana. He must give ten couples of cattle, each couple to consist of a female and a male as fee; this is the expiation as declared by Parasara.

On sexual union with father´s wife, or a near relative of the mother, or brother´s daughter, or the p;erceptor´s wife, sons wife or wife of brother or wife of brother of the mother or any woman of the same gotra, a thrteefold Prajapatya is the expiation prescribed; a couple of cattle is the fee to be given. Thus the sinner, undoubtedly, gets rid of his sin.

On carnal intercourse with a beast, a prostitute and the like or with female buffalo or with female camel, with a she monkey or with a sow, a female ass, one should perform the Prajapatya penence.

On carnal intercourse with a cow, the sin is removed by three nights´ fast; a cow should be presented to a Brahman as fee. On carnal connection with a female buffalo, a femal camel or an ass; the sin is removed by one night´s fast.


In New Delhi at the end of the historical 4th November, all I can say is that the day went according to God's plan," reports the All India Christian Council's Dr. Joseph D'Souza. The day was planned as a symbolic mass conversion of Dalits (unscheduled castes) who wanted to turn their backs on the Hindu system. "There was no violence. The Dalits again showed their peaceful nature. We estimate that some 100,000 Dalits travelled to New Delhi, and despite a massive police presence, tens of thousands managed to enter the Ambedkar Bhavan - some only shortly before midnight - to reject the Hindu caste system. This inhuman social and spiritual system has repressed Dalits for 3,000 years. Most amazing was the number of women who attended the conversion ceremony," says D'Souza.


Times News Network reported that Dalits are still ´untouchable´ in 36 villages of Ahmedabad. A survey conducted has revealed that nealy 1,500 Dalit families face the illegal social stigma of untouchability and demolishes the myth that the social scourage has vanished from urban centres. "While presenting figures of untouchability in Mahatma Gandhi´s Gujarat, we, dalit community members seek azadi (freedom) from caste-based discrimnation" NGO Kirit Rathod


All Hindus do not observe the same customs. In the north near relatives are forbidden to marry; but in the south cousin marriage is prescribed, and even closer alliances are sometimes permitted. As a rule female chastity is highly valued, but some communities set little store by it, at any rate prior to marriage and others make it as a rule to dedicate one daughter to a life of religious prostitution. In some parts the women move about freely; in others they are kept secluded.


India´s 33% population (practicing Buddhists) demonstrate on the streets of south-India beef eating exercise to challenge ruling upper caste 6% population.The persecuted Dalits the original inhabitants of India are downtrodden, poor, uneducated and exploited by uppercaste Brahmans from times immemorial. The Hanuman Bhakt, Subramanium Swamy the fascist leader of fundamentalist BJP claims that Ravana (the evil king of Hindu mythology) and his wife Mandodari were dalits from Uttar Pradesh. In a shocking incident in Jhansi, a Dalit youth was tortured by a group of uppercaste men allegedly over a land dispute. The youth alleged that he was beaten up, forced to eat excreta and his genitals were torched by the gang. The victim was later admitted to a local hospital.


Reverend Cannon Tyndale Biscoe, the Christian missionary who started first school in Kashmir back in 1938 mentions in his autobiography on page 182-83 about Brahman Dharma in the following words: Quoting the speech made by the President of the Brahman Dharma Sabha: My dear brethern, I have to relate to you a sad story. A certain Brahman youth has been led astray by the missionaries through his desire to wear Christian clothes, such as the trilby hat and the Albert collar and allowed himself to be taken to India where he was baptized.

But he has been brought back to Srinagar where he will be cleaned, but as he was led astray in his youth, we do not propose to force him to go through the whole performance of cleansing, but only enforce him to remain a prisoner in the Rugnath temple (Srinagar, Kashmir) for twelve days to feed on the five products of the cow (i.e. milk, ghee, butter, dung and urine) so that he may be once again purified and thus received back into our Dharma.


Biscoe further says: Colonel Duni Chand, chief medical officer in Kashmir, asked me if I would like to see the prison. So one morning he called for me, and took me in his dog-cart to the prison where at that time were 117 prisoners, 97 of whom were Mohammedans, being punished for killing cows. Fortunately, they were imprisoned for seven years only, not 21 years as I have already mentioned used to be the term. It is difficult for anyone who does not know the manners and customs of Brahman priests to understand fully what it means to be attacked by this class of super religious fanatics, but those who remember the attacks made on our Lord Jesus Christ and on His disciples by the Pharisees and Sadducees will understand in some degree those made by the Brahman priests. All sorts of lies were spread abroad in order to induce the Hindu population to persecute these men. One amusing lie that was published in the press, was that I had forced their wivws to eat beef.


When Dr Ambedkar, the famous outcaste leader, today minister of law in the government, presided over the Sangh celebration of the Hindu festival Makharsankranti in 1936, he is alleged to have asked Dr Hedgewar who was present at the ceremony, if all the RSS members were Brahmins. The doctor´s answer was that when swayamsevaks were spreading their ideals and recruiting new members i.e. using their mind they were Brahmins. When they were performing their daily exercises, they were Kshatriyas (warriors); whenever they handled money and other matters for the Sangh, they were Vaishyas; and when they did the sanitation work at their various camps and branches, they were Shudras. In other words, by naming the four traditional castes into which the Hindu society is divided, Dr Hedgewar made the point that the RSS was attempting to demonstrate that caste meant nothing. In effect, what Dr Hegdewar meant was that Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra were professions.

Ramayana & Mahabharata are the proof

If Hindus peaceful, who killed them?
  • 1969 Gujarat Riot 430 Muslims
  • 1980 M'bad riots 400 Muslims
  • 1983 Nellie Massacre 2191 Muslims
  • 1984 Sikh Riots 3000+ Sikhs
  • 1989 B´lpur Riots 900 Muslims
  • 1992-93 Bombay Riots 575 Muslims
  • 2002 Gujarat Riots 2000 Muslims
  • 2013 M´nagar Riots 42 Muslims

    "Once sub-human, always sub-human" is the root belief animating the exquisitely cruel behaviour of upper-caste Hindus towards the lowest castes in India. The dalits (meaning broken people) have endured contempt quietly for centuries, either because they were helpless or because they had internalised the humiliations heaped upon them, or both. It is our mental liberation that conversion is aimed at. If we gain confidence, then the higher castes will, eventually, be compelled to change too. Raj, Buddhist convert Escape routes were few. A dalit (also known as an untouchable) in the north of India may run to the south to escape his place in society - but his name instantly betrays his caste. The only real escape has been to repudiate Hinduism and embrace another faith predicated on human equality. That is why thousands of dalits came to a huge public ground in Delhi recently, converting to Buddhism. 'No respect' The organiser of the event, Ram Raj, was among those who converted, getting rid of his Hindu first name, Ram. He said he was converting to Buddhism, along with his wife, mother and two children."


    One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program Ramayana. The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir incredible India does such miracles on daily basis.

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