Indian de-mocracy written in blood and betrayal: Indian Express

at the Prayer Meeting on January 4, 1948

"The two Dominions should come together with God as witness and find a settlement. The matter is now before the UNO. It cannot be withdrawn from there. But if India and Pakistan come to a settlement the big powers in the UNO will have to endorse that settlement. They will not object to the settlement. They themselves can only say that they will do their best to see that the two countries arrive at an understanding through mutual discussions. Let us pray to God to grant that we may either learn to live in amity with each other or if we must fight, let us fight to the very end".

Gandhi said to Jinnah, "I will request Pandit Ji to step aside and let you be the first prime minster of India" Jinnah shot back, " Thank you Mr Gandhi for the offer but what will happen after me?".

A Tall M A Jinnah

Unlike Sheikh Abdullah of Kashmir, Muhammad Ali Jinnah stood like a rock to scuttle every move of Gandhi to trick him into changing his mind. Jinnah, as is said, had understood Gandhi and his handling of situations hiding under the veneer of Hindu trickiness. A committed Jinnah used the opportunity to succeed in his mission of creating an independent nation of Pakistan. India has not yet reconciled with that factuality.

A Gentleman

A gentlman Muhammad Ali Jinnah carried with him an image that earned him respect, honour and dignity. Mountbatten hit the ceiling when (daring) Jinnah informed him that he had decided to be Pakistan´s Governor General. How could a common GG function at all? Inflicting a deep wound on Mountbatten´s enormous ego; he reported to the King that he had warned Jinnah that he might lose all of Pakistan."

A Sycophant

Hindus of India religiousely believe that Edwina Mountbatten had sexual relations with Nehru. Daughter Pamela Mountbatten referred to Nehru as Mamu (maternal uncle) adds that "Mom and Nehru had respect for each other but their relationship was never physical as they were never alone." The mud-slinging on the Mountbattens to tarnish the image of a friend, always ready to help, castes aspersion on the character of the sycophant.


Pandit Nehru took a sommersault after bureacratic elite Kashmir Pandits convinced him that 4% Pandits would be unsafe in Muslim majority Kashmir if he (Pandit Nehru) were agreeable to an independent or merger with Pakistan Kashmir. Nehru in his utterances and promises made to Sheikh Abdullah in private and public that he (Nehru) was in favour of allowing Kashmir to decide its future in a plebiscite held under the auspicies of United Nations Organisations backtracted and fraudulently arrested his 'bosom friend' laying the foundation stone for Kashmir´s occupation.

On the contrary Qaed Muhammad Ali Jinnah addressing a mammoth gathering in and around Kashmir´s Jamia Masjid was catagorical and honest giving only suggestion, an advice as to give it a proper thought to decide their political future. Qaed attended the annual Muslim Conference Session in Jamia Masjid, Srinagar held on June 17, 1944. The president Chaudhry Ghulam Abbas presided over the meeting attended by multitudes running into thousands to hear reverberate the Qaed´s voice through the walls of the Jamia Masjid.

Qaed said to the cheering public"brothers in Islam I have no words to thank you for the honour accorded to me. I feel happy and confident that Muslims have now awakened and are united under the flag of the Muslim Conference. I stayed here since a month and during this period; men of every school of thought came to see me. I met all, had discussions and heard of your problems, oppression and hardships. I have also found that amongst those who met me 99% supported Muslim Conference." Referring to some suggestions that people should join National Conference led by Sheikh Abdullah, Qaed said "your problems are different from the problems of British India but just as you have treated me as a Mussalman".

"It is my duty as a Muslim to advise you correctly as to which course would be proper and ensure your success. So far as the NC is concerned, I do not know how it can succeed in its aim. Consequently, I asked their supporters as to how much time has elapsed since it were brought into being and as to whether Hindus, Sikhs and others had joined it. I told them that if in a long period of six years, Hindus and Sikhs have as a whole kept aloof from The NC, who else remains there except Muslims ! I was then told that even if Hindus and Sikhs are not there, the doors should remain open for them. I told them that if after remaining open for six years, it has served no purpose, what was the necessity of keeping it open again?"

"In my view it was a mistake, the result of which would be that Muslims would be divided into two camps which would bring about tension between them. I did my best to make them understand the logic of the argument but I was told that we want to tell the world that there was no communalism in the state and behind the curtain of nationalism we will pursue the programme of the MC and that they were supporters of Pakistan. I say that the Indian National Congress had adopted the same method in British India. It claimed to represent all Indians and did a lot of false propaganda all over the world. This however, is not a fact as Congress was in reality a Hindu Organisation. The result was that slowly the few Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and the Untouchables who had joined it separated themselves. Whenever the question of the rights of these backward minorities came before the congress, the Hindu majority rejected it for forty years, Congress continued with its deceptive policies. Do you also want to practice this deception? When Congress deception could not succeed, how can yours?"

This was a simple and plain message the Qaed conveyed to the people and he had experienced the Hindu bent of mind and he was the best example to follow to take future line of action. All this translated into a reality when Sheikh Abdullah was ousted and imprisoned by Nehru on August 09, 1953 putting seal on Abdullah´s political future. Abdullah after realising his blunder made a statement saying "I regret my mistake of coming in the way of merger with Pakistan. I had fears that they won't treat me well, but I was wrong. Now I feel backstabbed, I no longer trust Indian rulers, we have different ways now" (July 13, 1953).


USA planned to help India emerge as a ´super power´ in the region but India did not deliver as expected and proved a mirage.The conventional military power of India was blown to bits when in the recent past a brief air battle between India and Pakistan saw two Indian fighter air-crafts downed and the pilots captured. (Balakot in Kashmir Feb 26, 2019) The growing American influence in the region making headway through Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and new convenient relationship with India became worrisome for China and Pakistan. The intended plan to stay in Afghanistan changed altogether due to its high cost in men and material with no political or financial dividends in sight. USA , with the help of Pakistan, had long deliberations with Taliban culminating into an agreement to help US for a safe exit and in future offer some role in Afghanistan politics to keep Russia at bay.


Ex-prime minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee, as believed, showed the sincerity of purpose and engaged in a dialogue with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to find a solution to long standing Kashmir problem. An attempt that was welcomed by all quarters except the Indian army which scuttled the move to leave Kashmir simmer again. The right-wing religious parties of India have always played a negative role to thwart any attempt to normalise relations between India and Pakistan.

Modi govt; with heavy mandate has fallen into its own trap and is striving hard to win back the lost ´secular and democratic´ image tarnished using the Hindutva slogan that left scores dead, lynched and beaten mostly people belonging to the minority communities. Modi travelling to different countries faces questions which are very difficult for him to answer. India with its horrific human rights record in Kashmir is under pressure to heed the call to settle Kashmir dispute once for all.


An opportunity provided by mediation of Soviet Union on January 10, 1966 to solve Kashmir dispute was not to be as untimely death of Indian Prime Minister, Lal Bahadur Shastri came as a rude shock. Like Pandit Nehru, Prime Minister Shastri´s death in Tashkant was termed as "mysterious". On many occasions a sincere effort was made to accord justice to people of Kashmir but the spoilers always played their role to sabotage the sincerety of purpose.


Benazeer Bhutto helped India to crush Khalistan movement which unfortunately resulted in genocide committed by Indian army in Indian Punjab. Ms Bhutto chose to hand over all the files of Sikh militants fighting for independent Khalistan. Indian prime minister Rajive Gandhi tricked her into a deal promising her vacating Saichen Glacier in lieu for the information about Khalistan Liberation Army.
The historical betrayal

The patriotism of Nawaz Sharief and Zulfikar Ali Bhutto´s family rule, or even some fifth column religious outfits leave a big question mark. The uneducated and economically downtrodden Pakistan has been unlucky by voting these so called traitors to power giving them opportunity to loot and plunder. ZA Bhutto proving instrumental in creating Bangladesh could not have been oblivious of Indian clandestine plan using its resources and connections in the eastern wing to secede it from West-Pakistan. Bhutto lacked political acuemen or perhaps the hunger for power was the reason for him to provide an opportunity to Sheikh Muji-bur-Rahman to create an independent nation of Bangladesh.

Creation of Bangladesh in 1971, a defeat for Pakistan culminated into India capturing ninety thousand Pakistani prisoners of war (POWs). The humiliation suffered by a proud nation was too much to bear. The families of ninety thousand prisoners in Indian custody was an uphill task faced by Z A Bhutto who had just installed himself as Marshall Law Administrator of dismembered Pakistan. Bhutto had no option but to succumb to the pressure at Simla and agree to convert CEASEFIRE LINE IN KASHMIR into a Line of Control. Bhutto had realised that he had bartered Kashmir to get his 90,0000 POWs which was a pressing demand of the people of Pakistan. It also provided a reprieve to Bhutto to run the govt.telling his people that he had achieved a miracle by what he thought was a huge diplomatic success.

During General Zia-ul-Haq´s rule when India and Pakistan had no diplomatic relations, Shahnawaz Bhutto was seen busy shopping in Delhi´s Connaught Place escorted by Indian intelligence agencies. Soon it came to light that Shahnawaz was a special guest at Indira Gandhi´s official residence 1 Safdarjung road New Delhi sharing the bed room of his close friend Sanjay Gandhi. Both these friends died a brutal death, the former was found dead in a hotel in Nice, France and the latter died in an air-crash.


It is an irony that Nawaz Sharif banked on the support of Indian prime minister Modi to stay in power. Pakistan understands that the enemy within is more dangerous than nuclear power armed to teeth India. Nawaz Sharif at the moment is between devil and the deep sea as reported India invested billions in Nawaz Sharif but his corruption in the past haunts him putting a seal on his political future. His daughter Maryam Safdar with a political ambition foolishly messed up her and her family's grip on Pakistan's political structure. The phrase "Hukumran Khandan" (Ruling family) was too much for an average Pakistani to bear. The political fifth columns of Pakistan Sharifs and Zardaris are successfully cut to size and prime minister Imran Khan now has firm grip on the political situation.


People of Pakistan have failed to understand their prime minister Nawaz Sharif and his family, a leader of main political party to betray a nation, his motherland which gave him honour, respect and even allowed him to commit loot and plunder. Sharif went even a step further by stabbing poor Kashmiris in the back. It is reported in the media that Indian prime minister late I.K.Gujral revealed that Nawaz Sharif handed him full intelligence report on Kashmiri freedom fighters engaged in a war with Indian occupational forces. On receiving the information Indian army in Kashmir went on a murder hunt and killed thousands wherever they found them.


The military victory in Kargil under the command and control of Pakistan´s army chief General Musharraf was turned into a political defeat by fifth column prime minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. Sharif, unfortunately for Pakistan, indulged in corruption on a very high scale, nepotism used to put all his relations and partners in corruption in key positions and bureaucracy to keep firm control on running the government. Since all his looted assets are invested in western capitals mostly in real estate has weakened his position to safeguard his country´s national interests. Nawaz Sharif faced Supreme Court of Pakistan on corruption charges, put his country´s security at stake to save himself and his family. A Pakistan Supreme Court convict at large is playing hide and seek to avoid arrest and face long sentences in Pakistani jails.


One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program Ramayana. The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir incredible India does such miracles on daily basis.

Kashmir  Occupied