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A good majority of Kashmiri Pandits are slowly moving back to their homeland to live peacefully with their Muslim compatriots as before. At long last better sense prevailed and it dawned on them that their future lies with maintaining the Kashmiri identity. A small minority spread over India and internationally have got merged into different cultures, religion and traditions. A good welcome decision to return to their ancestral home can salvage the pride, self-esteem and dignity.


Fortunate Kashmiri Pandit ladies always enjoyed everlasting financial stability and comfortable lifestyle provided by their male partners. Pandits have been part of all governments for many centuries providing bureaucratic expertise to run the government. Pandits popularly known as KPs, are perceived as true nationalists upholding culture, ethos, music and tradition of Kashmir. A 100% literate community contributed a lot towards educating people and promoting Kashmir culture locally and on international level.

A miniscule minority with a bureaucratic background played a negative role, allowing themselves to be exploited by their connections in respective Governments of India and its intelligence agencies. The political upheaval starting in 1989 was the turning point for Pandits as the known truculent conspirator, trouble shooter of Turkmangate notoriety, Mr Jagmohan Malhotra, imposed ex-Governor of Kashmir manipulated the migration of Pandit community en masse and to this day Pandits are suffering in hell like situations in Jammu, Samba and Nagrota.

Anupam Khars khosh athe´ thaper
Anupam Khar masquerading as Kher affords a lavish affluent life style through his earnings from Bombay film industry but now milks ruling fascist BJP regime of India to create mischief and use innocent Kashmiri nationalist pandits to damage Kashmir´s cultural, religious and political heritage. But, in a sommersault, Mr Kher understands Modi´s action in Kashmir does not leave much in store for his Pandit community. If the status-quo continues Pandits will be diluted and will become endangered species. He should know Pandits have a future only in an independent Kashmir where all State Subjects can live in harmony and peace like before.


.....the fact remains that not a single Muslim forced us to leave. I and my neighbors never wanted my family to leave Kashmir but there was definitely a massive psychological fear created by unknown agencies against the Kashmiri Pandits which forced us to leave. I believe that Kashmiri Pandits should have remained in the Valley and fought the freedom struggle with their fellow Muslim citizens........ the interview

.....I came here in end July that too when ´security people´ at Karan Nagar forced us to leave. A hand written letter by Raj Nath Turki the letter

Ram Chandra Kak, though from his ethnic background, hated Nehru´s guts and would never trust him. Kak a staunch believer in Kashmir´s sovereign and independent status was closer to Pakistani leadership than Indian as Jinnah on several occasions had iterated that the wish of "Kashmiri people must be respected". According to Sheikh Abdullah, Kak had good relations with the ruling circles in Pakistan. He says Kak had assessed that as a Muslim majority state, Kashmir was bound to accede to Pakistan and he had prepared a path for him to serve in that eventuality.

Brigadier Henry Lawrence Scott, Kak´s chief of staff, believes that the Congress leaders including Mahatma Gandhi intrigued in the State for the dismissal of Kak from premiership. He believed Kak to be an impediment to repairing relations with the Indian National Congress. Kak was dismissed as Prime Minister on 11 August 1947 and put under house arrest. Scholar Prem Shankar Jha states that he returned to the Maharaja´s service a few weeks later even though not as the prime minister. Kak was released and externed from the state in late 1948. Afterwards, Kak retired from public life.


"False burns to nothing and the truth becomes true"

Sudha ji being a product of learned caste Brahmins did not have to convert to Islam because she belonged to the elite group of administrators. All other Pandits reverted with the Buddhist King Rinchen en-masse reducing the majority to a minuscule minority, and that is beside the point.

Sudha Kaul, daughter of Kashmir equipped with far-reaching, far-seeing intellectual prowess, beautifully presents her memoirs pearled in her book "the tiger ladies". The lady adds flavor by decorating her carefully selected vocabulary with phrases like “unmoving symmetrical breasts, phallic symbols, prostitutes etc.” to generate interest and keep both Indian and western reader in good stead.

One is moved to see the close relationship the author has with ‘Izmat’ and this feeling for each other irrespective of religious differences is what is required for "most of us to carry on hoping for the best, or sometimes even the impossible, a resolution to everyone’s satisfaction." But then the huge task is to find a solution to please all concerned and maintaining a status-quo that suits a small minority cannot be a viable solution.

Sudha Ji is fortunate to be part of the pack that has always been in the limelight, be it Maharaja Hari Singh’s Prime Minister Ram Chandra Kak, Maharaja’s before or later or under respective imposed governments on Kashmir by India. This selected few later spread from Delhi to Kanyakumari to infiltrate and occupy the key and important posts and the departments. "I was appointed lecturer at women’s college. I have become the first Kashmiri women to be selected to the Indian Administrative Service at the age of 25". Having Boab jis, Papa jis , Kotrus, Kouls and Dhars at the helm, it would rather be easy to facilitate entry into any institution or sit for any competitive examination to get through and get selected, all done and dusted. How many Mohammedus, Habibas or Psoriasis-ravaged head farmers were provided with the opportunity to have IAS assisted though now they are spread round the world doing wonderfully well as Doctors, Engineers, Scientists and Economists, even excelling in new subjects like nanotechnology?

Ms Koul prefers the name tiger as she is fundamentally, emotionally attached and fancies the Tiger deity, goddess Durga. perhaps inadvertently brackets the first leader of Kashmiris Sheikh Abdullah as Tiger of Kashmir, though till 1982 he was popularly known as the "Lion of Kashmir" and will be a Lion to historians for all times to come. Kashmiris cannot produce another Sheikh Abdullah for the next one thousand years. The historical blunder of trust he reposed in Pandit Nehru tarnished his image and blemished his name that would, otherwise, be written in gold letters.

Where on earth, other than Kashmir, would one enjoy luxuries provided by these"Psoriasis-ravaged head farmers, with bits of mud caked on toes" to fill the granaries that too for a "cup of tea and local bagels served by Muslim servants". It is only in Kashmir that "Mohammedu, at night, could bring a terra-cota basin of salted hot water, wash and pumice the feet of young pandit girls before retiring to their beds, to prevent chilblains". The statement "My grandfather was not a wealthy man, but he lived a rich life." quite befitting reveals volumes.

"Hindus (pandits) habitually garnish their food with asafetida [asafoetida], which many believe comes from pig's feet." Basically this herb has some religious connotations as it is believed to be the food of the gods and is also known as the devil’s dung. Muslims, on the contrary, use garlic for this purpose and is believed to have an aphrodisiac effect which causes the arousal of the mood of sexual desire.

"Pakistan has sent the raiders to Kashmir, Kabailis (Pathan tribesmen, angles of doom) are strangers as they do not understand our language and they are foreigners to us. We call Sheikh Abdullah "The Tiger of Kashmir. The Tiger does not really care for Pakistan and joins free India." Ms Sudha’s Tiger was no where in the picture and joining ‘free India’ was a conspiracy hatched by Nehru, Patel and this British-Indian groomed bureaucrat V.P.Menon with the blessings of Lord Mountbatten to coerce, intimidate and threaten Maharaja Hari Singh to sign the instrument of accession and that too when he (Maharaja) had fled to Jammu. It is on record that after getting the paper signed from Maharaja, V.P.Menon returns to Delhi on October 26, 1947 and flashes out the paper before a gathering saying "the b*****d has signed the paper and now Kashmir is ours."Kashmiris as a whole have nothing in common with Indians. It would be interesting to know if Sudha Ji considers Indians as foreigners as well, as they do not understand our language or culture.

"Afghan frontiers-men penetrated the valley....we talked about how in 1947 the Indian army was called in to repel the Afghans." Pakistani’s Kabailis (Pathans) suddenly become Afghans and she goes on to add that "We sent the marauding Afghan tribesmen back in 1947. They had all come to liberate Kashmir from infidel rule, preaching abhorrence of saints and shrine worship, beauty and art, music and love poems, all of which were mother’s milk [maji dodh] to us Hindus and Muslims." While stressing the word "We" she does not mince the words and frankly says "Being Indian is a habit we cannot seem to shake off".

Sudha Ji cannot see Muslims anything other than a Mohammedu, Habiba, Psoriasis-ravaged head farmers or Tangawallas (Tanga in literal English means a frilled bikini) and she prefers to use Tanga as she knows this word has sinister connotations and avoids the name Tonga as this could easily be understood by her target readers of Hindu India and the English speaking Western world.

"The students only want Muslim professors. They threatened us Hindu staff members with dire consequences if we did not resign immediately. Amarnath says, some Muslim men have been arrested because they found a young Hindu boy in the lane next to ours with his stomach slit open and his guts pulled out. The poor fellow was returning home from college and his books lay scattered all over the street. Through the centuries Kashmiri Pandits have undergone several Diasporas to other parts of India because of intolerant foreign Muslim rulers. All Hindu homes are a prime target for destruction by burning, looting and desecration. One fateful day the valley bursts apart at the seams. Frenzied crowds and neighbors have pulled Kashmiri pandits out of their homes and then systematically raped the women in front of their husbands and children, brutally killed all the pandits who were left in the neighborhood, as they tried to take cover."

The above being a concoction, fabrication and figment of imagination, Sudha Ji fails to recognize the fact that over one hundred thousand Muslims stand butchered, hundreds of women raped, hundreds of localities turned into a mound of rubble and then humiliation, torture, loot and plunder, by more than one million strong Indian army, thrown as a bonus in Kashmiri Muslims lot. She also would plead ignorance for the fact that all criminal elements in the State prisons were let loose on local Muslim population, trained in counter-insurgency, equipped with Kalashnikovs and terrorize people to malign and defame militants fighting Indian army, this being plan B of this intriguer, Jagmohan.

"My daughter woke me up to say Mrs. Gandhi has been assassinated and later Rajiv Gandhi, only to be annihilated by a terrorist bomb." She very carefully and discreetly maintains silence by not telling the reader how these mother and son were assassinated as she realized that she will have to talk a lot more about Khalistan and Tamil Eelam "terrorists" and very conveniently manages to confuse the reader by throwing these assassinations in the Kashmir kitty.

"The government of India comes down ruthlessly but unsuccessfully on the militancy. It is letting everything go from bad to worse, and the hatred of the masses for Indian troops and their tactics multiplies. It is true, the talk of rebel Muslim boys being tortured, shot and then thrown into the lakes by government troops. Tip of the iceberg......They say that even at the worst of times, Mujahedeen leaders delivered Shivratri supplies to Pandits still living in Kashmir. Some say Muslim neighbors begged the Hindus not to leave but they had to. The self-determination that had been promised to Kashmiris by Nehru can no longer be swept under the carpet"

(Italicized excerpts from Sudha Koul's book the tiger ladies)

Sudha Kaul finds Litterateur´s satanic literature irresistible

Pandit Moiti Lal Sas facing criticism from his community for staying back in Kashmir 25 years ago reiterated his resolve saying" I believe I was right then and now as well after my Muslim neighbours protected me before and rescued me during recent floods." A retired English lecturer related story how he was rescued from the rooftop of his house along with his wife, daughter and eight year old grandson added that he saw Indian army helicopters hovering over and waved his handkerchief but to no avail. After few hours, neighbours shouted at some youth, who appeared in the locality on a makeshift boat, to rescue the family.

The youth could not have helped that time, so they went back and informed other people about our plight. I am a bit known in and around the locality as I have taught many people here. So the news had spread around immediately. And within an hour, I saw a group of youth from Ganpatyar, some of whom had been my students, coming with a boat for our rescue. It was only with the help of my Muslim neighbours that the word about my family spread around and I was rescued. "This is my land, why should I leave? I always enjoyed the support of my Muslim neighbours here and never faced any problem. The progeny of Kashyap Bandhu, Thokur Joo, Jia Lal Kilam, Shiv Narayan Fotedar, Ram Chand Kaul, Sham Lal Saraf, Amarnath Kak, Damodhar Bhat, and Dr. Peshen to name few played havoc with intrigues betraying majority poor fellow Pandits exploiting them to the hilt to fill their own coffers.


Our white collar elite Kashmiri Pandits, the progeny of Pandit Kalhana, took Nehru for a ride and messed up Kashmir´s political future only to fill their coffers and build pamposh colonies for free as a bonus. Occupying bureaucratic top posts from up and down the country, ruled the roost to put their community in key positions discreetly. Nehrus out, Gandhis in, then Gandhis out and fascist drill masters in all are milked right, left and center to extract economic benefits exploiting an imaginative threat from Kashmiri Muslims.

A continuous past time of claiming benefits all along have now put their weight on Modi´s BJP to take the fascists for a ride. Elite and affluent Kashmiri Pandits are not interested in going back as they have burnt all boats by spitting venom against the people who protected them in 1947 when whole of the sub-continent indulged in butchery. 4% Pandits would have become history if Kashmiri Muslims had compromised with its ethos, tradition, religious toleration and culture. The list of perks bonanza claimed by "Shiv pujaris" is mentioned hereunder:


"Nehru’s backtracking on verbal promises, a provoked Sheikh’s utterances in public culminated into a fait accompli coup that silenced him through a direct order issued by Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, a sinister conspiracy of personal vendetta hatched in the state to topple Abdullah's government. The ground for his arrest was the fear that he would declare the state independent, and the quintet that pulled it off comprised Kaul, Mullick, Bakhshi, Karan Singh and that consummate wirepuller, D.P.Dhar. Despite the decade long judicial proceedings against the Sheikh, there was nothing to prove, and the trial had to be called off. Sheikh was released and all this was not enough for him to learn a lesson."

Aditya Raj Kaul in his words throws light on Pandit exodus from Kashmir saying "I have been telling since that state transport buses were provided by Jagmohan Malhotra to facilitate migration". Jagmohan Malhotra repeated history by removing Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir in order to get a free hand to commit genocide on the majority Muslim population of Kashmir. Jagmohan must be tried for war crimes and booked for a hearing in the International Court of Justice. Jagmohan´s name will go down in the history of Kashmir as a butcher having no respect for human rights. The saner elements in our Kashmiri Pandit community must create an awareness amongst other fellow Pandits misled by fascists like Anupam Khar. Khar has nothing to lose as he enjoys his billions while has said bye-bye to Kashmir several decades back.


Kashmiri nationalist Bhushan Bazaz endeavoured to carry on with the mission of his late father Prem Nath Bazaz who spent his entire life with a political struggle extending unstinting support to fight for an independent nation of Kashmir. Bhushan Bazaz a legendary political figure of Kashmir is revered and respected by all communities irrespective of religious beliefs. Kashmir, as the world knows, is traditionally peaceful, secular espousing human right values. Bhushan Bazaz throwing light on the political situation of Kashmir states: "The people of the state of Kashmir seem destined to suffer endlessly by being denied many human and political rights, as they have been since 1947, some of which they enjoyed even under the harsh rule of the autocratic Maharaja."


"After the conclusion of the peace treaties at the end of the Second World War in 1945, India understandably became the staunchest champion of the principle of self determination. It is therefore disheartening to observe today that Independent India should oppose this right in case of the Kashmiris."


Nationalist Kashmiri Pandit commented on Monday, March 19, 2012 about the atrocities committed by Indian security forces in Kashmir and he wrote:

"We cannot expect alienation of Kashmiris to end as long as we try to provide cover ups to the atrocities committed by our security forces. CBI has done well in denying holy cow status to the security forces invoked in the henious crimes committed against innocent youth in particular and the ordinary souls in general. We need to punish the guilty at all costs. That kind of policy can win over the estranged Kashmiris."

The select group of Kashmiri Pandits spitefully target Prophet of Islam to get sadistic pleasure thinking they are inflicting pain on Muslims in general and Kashmiri Muslims in particular. They are very well aware that Muslims won't retaliate as their faith does not allow reviling other faiths; though tons of material about Hindu mythology available from Hindu sources would drive these mischief mongers mad.

It is very unfortunate that these few people, economically very sound, very well placed in key posts in Government of India or settled comfortably internationally are busy sabotaging the peaceful co-existence of Kashmiris and this can be gauged by surfing Internet to witness the dangerous propaganda unleashed which is very distressing. Even Sir Walter Lawrence is misquoted and lies attributed to him.

Kashmir always maintained that State Subjects Kashmiri Pandits must return to their homes unhindered.


One morning of Dec-Jan 1990, notorious Indian CRPF (Central Reserve Police Force) knock at the door of Abdul Ahad Bhat of Batmaloo, Srinagar and demand the TV set to watch their favourite program Ramayana. The lady of the house opens the door to find uniformed armed infantry men staring at her with the demand and the next minute she collapses and is rushed by her relations to the hospital to be declared dead. In Kashmir incredible India does such miracles on daily basis.

Kashmir  Occupied